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Do you think I'm just gonna take this much cash from you like it's no problem? You piece 'a shit, I've known about the Milagro Man for a long time.
~ The bartender to Joshu about Milagro Man's abilities.

Milagro Man's Stand User is the overarching antagonist of the Milagro Man arc and a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion. He wielded the Stand known as Milagro Man, who, after his death, would become a curse and urban legend in Morioh.


Milagro Man's Stand User appears in a flashback as a balding, fat man with black hair covering the sides of his head. He wears a neat suit and pants over a shirt and tie, with a hankerchief in his right breast pocket.


Very little is known about his personality, but it can be sensed that he was good for unlawful negotiations, but that when he was sued for a large amount of money, he went crazy and murdered his entire family and destroyed his house and fortune, which would show that he is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid punishment and keep his riches.



Milagro Man Stand User's family became rich by selling weapons in wars, no matter what happens in those wars.

For generations, they sold weapons to those who had the money, easy passing the name "Milagro Man" from generation to generation and the current one at that time was the one who would carry Milagro Man without him knowing.

One day the arms dealer lost a lawsuit and was awarded to pay fifty billion dollars, causing him to go insane, kill his family, and burn down his house and possessions before leaping into the blaze himself. Of the house and the arms dealer, only his corpse and a single dollar bill are found, but Milagro Man became a curse for whoever took the bill that remained from the massive fortune of the family of the sellers of weapons and that story became an urban legend for the people of Morioh. Zaihei Nigatake was among those affected by the curse after he stole a man (who himself was disguised as a homless person, likely in hopes of dodging getting more cash) infected with the Stand while in Hamburg, and was forced to deal with the Stand for two years due to the fact the curse was known by many.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion

In modern times, Joshu Higashikata takes the curse from Zaihei during an meet-up event with an idol band after Joshu steals Zaihei's wallet as the former tries to buy some merchandise. After getting the money in his wallet and his card after guessing the code, Joshu goes on a decadant adventure, attempting to buy a golden watch, watching a movie while reserving multiple seats, and buying a luxorious dinner, all events resulting in the money be spent being returned to him. This goes on until Joshu ends up at a bar, where the bartender and several securuity personnel accost him about the Stand and assault him, although Joshu manages to fight them off with Nut King Call after gaining even more money form them before he escapes them through a back door.

Growing increasingly nervous, Joshu tries at first to gamble his money on a race, to which he wins and earns more money. Then, after the amount he has exceeds what his bag can carry, he then attempts to store it away in a locker (all of his yen, he discovers, all having serial numbers ending in "13R", although this results only in all his money flying away and being returned to him by police officers and passerby. Now firmly worried, Joshu then tries to take a taxi home, but this only results in him being given more money by the driver after traffic stops this plan. Joshu's refusal and the driver's insistance results in a small fight, during which Joshu accidentaly sets one of the bills on fire, resulting in it multiplying and covering him.

Awakening back at home after being found and moved back there, Joshu first assumes the night's events were a dream, but when he tries to head back to his room, the money reappears and covers him. Having enough of this, Joshu tracks down Zaihei, who explains the nature of the curse and that one needs to steal money from a previous holder to be affected. However, this proves to be Zaihei's undoing, as Joshu tricks him into recieving some of his money that he hid within a juice bottle, resulting in the curse transferring back to Zaihei and Joshu being free of its effects as the former is swallowed by a deluge of yen.

Powers and Abilities

Milagro Man

Your money increases little by little. But they always end in the number 13. Eventually I realized I couldn't give money to people, exchange money, or throw money away.
~ Zaihei Nigatake on Milagro Man's abilities.

Milagro Man's abilities, at least as a "curse", are activated upon a target stealing money from a current holder or destroying money belong to them, to which the Stand manifests and multiplies money enmasse to their victims, with any amount they try to spend resulting in the money being returned. To this end, the Stand's only real form of "attack" is against its own user, who will, if the Stand is not passed on, will inevitability crush or smother the person under the weight of their money. Additionally, the money in question always resembles that of the money found in the country the user is in.


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