I'm sorry, I switched sides. You pushed me too far, Triple X! And my government doesn't pay quite as well as Yorgi!
~ Sova revealing his treachery to Xander.

Milan Sova is a supporting antagonist of the 2002 action film xXx. He is a corrupt Czech agent who opposed the infamous anarchist group Anarchy 99 (led by Yorgi Azar Zimin), but later sided with them out of spite and greed.

He was portrayed by Richy Muller.


Meeting Xander Cage

Sova was first seen when he was assigned to work with the NSA's new agent Xander Cage, who is an extreme sports professional and host known for his wanted crimes and has taken the job in exchange for amnesty. Sova warns Xander not to screw anything up with him or he will be deported back to America, to which Xander responds by telling Sova that he's not under anyone's jurisdiction for the matter.

To blend in Yorgi's inner circle, Xander introduces himself to Yorgi at a party and purposely blew off Sova's cover before offering a deal in buying cars from Yorgi. Though Xander brought in the money to pay for the cars as agreed, the deal was interrupted when Sova accidentally breaks a window while following Xander, exposing his location to Yorgi's thugs. In order to save Sova from Yorgi's wrath, Xander purposely shoots him with a non-fatal projectile that can simulate death. This impressed Yorgi enough to offer Xander to join in Anarchy 99, in addition to Yorgi's brother Kolya Zimin openly admitting to being a fan of Xander's antics. This also allows Xander to retrieve enough information about Yorgi's true plan of launching a drone named Ahab to release the toxic gas into major cities to bring in worldwide anarchy.

Betrayal and Death

Despite Xander's success in getting the information they need, Sova felt resentful of the events that he endured. Out of spite against Xander, Sova sells him out by revealing Xander's true occupation to Yorgi on a phone call. As such, Yorgi orders his men to kill Xander at all costs, even offering Sova a higher amount of money in exchange for killing Xander. As Xander manages to escape from Yorgi's mansion after killing Kolya, he is astounded to find Sova waiting for him in the hideout with a gun, embittered for the treatment that Xander gave to him. Xander attempts to placate Sova by explaining his actions, but Sova refuses to listen and attempts to shoot Xander, revealing that he sold him out to Yorgi. However, Sova ends up being shot to his death by Yorgi's mistress Yelena, who turns out to be an undercover Russian agent.

Eventually, Yorgi finds out about Yelena's true occupation by revealing that he intended for her to kill Sova after he killed Xander, which implies that he has no intention in paying Sova.



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