Miles Adventures

Miles The Super Nerd

Miles is a minor recurring character in the Pokémon Adventures manga, belongs to the Super Nerd class.


He first appears in Whacked by Marowak! where he is disguised as Red, punches Erika and reveals himself before taking away Pika. He uses a coat of rubbery stocking to shield himself from the Pikachu's attacks, as well as Marowak, Paras, and Persian to escape from and confound the citizens of Celadon City. He is later defeated in Paras Sight by Misty, Brock, Erika, and Blaine, and Yellow gets Pika back from him. In As Gastly as Before, he is taken away by a Gastly and it is revealed (after Blue saves him) that he was hired by Agatha of the Elite Four. Weeks later, in Take a Chance on Chansey, Miles wakes up at Cinnabar Gym, where Camper Evan is taking care of him while Blaine is absent. He then tells Evan that he was the first to find Red frozen on Mt. Moon, and it was here that he found bits of Red's clothing that contained his scent to fool Pika.

In Oh, It's Ho-Oh!, Miles and his Persian and Evan and his Haunter are seen having a quick battle with Evan emerging as the victor. They are revealed to be taking part in the next Pokémon Tournament and because they do not have Gym Badges, they have to take part in the preliminary tournament. However, because of the attack caused by the Mask of Ice, the Pokémon League tournament was cancelled and they never got a chance to compete.

He and Evan also made a cameo appearance in Last Shot, visiting Blaine for a while.



  • He resembles Conway from the Diamond and Pearl seasons of the anime.
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