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The Militia is a group of gangsters that are led by Joseph Bertrand III to fight look for and hunt down Conduits.



The Militia created after Joseph Bertrand III after he joined the First Sons. They were later seen in around the swamps, only to be fought against by Cole MacGrath. They would often fight against Cole and his allies to keep their authority in New Marais. After Bertrand made his speech, they had to fight against The Corrupted. They would often kidnap and Mugg various citizens, believing them to be potential Conduits and wanted to keep most of New Maris in a blackout. Cole however, continued to fight against the Militia and what they stood for. After Cole went to Flood Town, he saw some of the Militia and Vermaark 88 fighting against each other, Some missions will allow the Militia to be saved from the Ice Soldiers. Cole would have a choice to help Nix bond with some of the Corrupted or to give show what Bertrand really is. They would later continue to fight against The Corrupted and Vermaark 88 until Cole made his final decision.

Good Ending

If Cole decides to save humanity with the RFI, some of the Militia will team up with him in his fight against the Beast and presumably disband in good faith.

Evil Ending

If Cole decides to ally himself with the Beast, then the Militia would team up with the Police force to take down John White and his allies, only to be wiped to the side due to his powers.

Militia Members

  • Joseph Bertrand III
  • Dr. Sabastion Wolfe (formerly, deceased)
  • Common Malitia Soldier
  • Militia Minigunner
  • Blast Shard Bomber
  • Zeke Dunbar (double agent)


  • The Militia is so far the only Faction that has their members to be non-Conduits, not counting their leader Joseph Bertrand III.


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