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Ha ha! See you later, boys! I hope you like water with your lunches!
~ The Milk Money Bandit
Hey, kids! Could you spare a nickel?
~ The Milk Money Bandit

The Milk Money Bandit is a minor antagonist from the VeggieTales franchise, appearing as a minor antagonist in the animated films Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed and Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple. He is an unnamed thief who is known to steal children's milk money.

He was voiced by Mike Sage.


Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed

The Milk Money Bandit confronts Percy Pea and Lil' Pea outside of a movie theater, and approaches them asking for some money. When they refuse, he reveals that he has been stalking them and knows that their mother gives them each $1.82 in milk money for their lunches. He steals the money from them and escapes up a building, but is confronted by Larry-Boy, who dangles him over the edge of the rooftop and shakes him so all the money falls back to the ground. He then carries the bandit away and drops him into a police car, where the officer claims that they have been looking for him for months. The Milk Money Bandit is taken away and imprisoned.

Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple

The Milk Money Bandit returns, but is now one of the Choco-Bandits who love to steal chocolate candy from children. He and his partner steal a chocolate bar from Junior Asparagus and drive away on their scooter, laughing evilly. Larry-Boy catches up to them and takes the candy back, and allows the police to arrest them and put them behind bars.

The Emperor of Envy





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