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Oh, milk meeeee!
~ Milk World's final words before it's initial demise

The Milk World is one of two main antagonist (the other is the Great Milk World) in episode 31 of 2021 TV series called Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger. He is a cow-based World from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo who was created from the Gyuunyuu Tojiru Gear that contained Gyuunyuutopia. After his death, his Tojiru Gear lasted another life by reforming a Kudaitest into the Great Milk World.

He is voiced by Yuuki Shin who also voiced the Great Milk World.


The Milk World made his first appearance in the city as he used his Horn Gauntlets and fired off Random Milk at some clothes, a couple of buildings, some traffic lights and a bench because as you can see he'd began to whiten the whole town with his milk. However this didn't went un-notice when the Zenkaiger's showed up. At first, Vroon thought it was the deceased Bullfighting World, but it is not due to the color scheme of this robotic cow. So he corrects Vroon that he's the Milk World, so with that being said the team were about to transform and battle the Milk World after they get past Hakaizer which the Milk World is happily to see him for his arrival.

After the intro the fight is still going on as Hakaizer pulls out his boomerang and attacks the team with it. As for the Milk World well he's just cheering the robotic warrior on. After that Hakaizer gun the team down with his Gatling gauntlet and then left the scene with the Milk World to cause more mayhem. Now here's the catch if they don't defeat the Milk World anytime soon the whole world will be colorless.

A while later now with Hakaizer being occupied the Milk World was last seen on the bridge as he proclaimed that he'll make the entire planet a milky white. However the team was very determined to not let him get away with this (on what he done to Secchan) so Kaito goes to super mode and the team transform as they perform they're own rollcall. So the Milk World tries to call out Hakaizer for some assistant, but as of now he was occupied with the pirate, so this left him to summon the Kudakks to aid him in the fight. So Kaito's teammate decided to hold off the Kudakks while Kaito deal with the Milk World personally. Now during the fight Kaito pulls out the Zenryoku Cannon and summons a couple of colorful beast to help him out in this fight against the Milk World. As GaoRed does a sneak attack to the Milk World, followed by a barrage of arrows that were fired by Blue Dolphin who was using a Dolphin Arrow and then a couple of aerial slashes by Yellow Owl and to wraps things up Zyuoh Elephant used Beast Unleashed and sent the Milk World into the air as Kaito shot the Milk World back down to the ground. Once he was weaken enough Kaito (along with some help from his teammates who'd already dealt with the Kudakks) finishes the Milk World off with this finisher called Zenryoku Zenkai Finale Buster, thus all of the objects that were hit with Random Milk were back to normal especially Secchan.


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