Milkbaby is a villain in TimeSplitters 2. She appears in the mission 2019 Neo Tokyo.


Early Life

Milkbaby grew up in Tokyo during the 21st century. She was bullied during her childhood. This experience encouraged her to practice fighting in the streets. Eventually, she became a skilled fighter.

Joining Sadako's Gang

As an adult, Milkbaby joined Sadako's gang. She was introduced to the other members, Krayola and Barby Gimp.

Theft of Rig Prototype

Milkbaby along with the gang decided to steal a prototype of a rig from the government. They infiltrated a building where the prototype was held and swiped it.

Framing Ghost

Milkbaby and the gang framed a man named Ghost for the theft. They planted false records in the government's computer archives.


Milkbaby's criminal status was short lived. Ghost located the gang's hideout and shot Milkbaby while she was guarding the entrance. He then annihilated the rest of the gang and retrieved the prototype.