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And then she'll lure you, she's just like that!
~ Milo, talking with Seth Rydell about Madeleine.

Milo Mikhailov is a major antagonist of the third season of the Johan Falk series. He is the former abusive boyfriend of Seth Rydell's current girlfriend, Madeleine Wiik. In the final episode, he turns out to be a high-ranking member of the global criminal organization present throughout the season.

He was portrayed by Peter Franzén, who also played Harald "Finehair" on History Channel's Vikings.


Blood Diamonds

Milo makes his first appearance in the series in season 3's Blood Diamonds, where he has a rather minor appearance. Madeleine talks about how she was severely abused by Milo and it is shown that he has been in jail due to the abuse for a while. Madeleine has gained an entirely new identity just because of Milo, scared that once he is out, he might kill her. Milo is finally shown on-screen at the very end, where he meets with Madeleine and her son. He loves his son and talks about how they can watch a football match once he is out.

The End

Milo returns after a one-episode break in Lockdown in the season 3 finale and is now a major antagonist. He is Sweden's main member of the global criminal organization that businessman Valdo is leading, which mostly deals with human trafficking. After The Woman is arrested and prosecuted, Milo is tasked with freeing her, which he succeeds with, in the process killing two policemen. Milo then goes to Seth's current house and stands in the garage where Seth, Milo and Madeleine talk. Milo has a Russian assassin with him outside, prepared to attack if anything happens. Madeleine holds his son, but he is what Milo wants. Milo talks with Seth about how Madeleine will betray him, which Seth sarcastically responds that he is supposed to trust a "Womanboxer". Seth's handler Sophie stands just outside, waiting to intervene. However, the Russian assassin sees this and puts up the gun right behind her, and forces her not to do anything or he will kill her.

Seth and Milo are both arrested (although Seth wasn't really gonna interrogated since he's a police informant), but as they are being arrested, Seth keeps on insulting Milo, which eventually angers both of them. Seth saying things like that Milo's son will hate him when he grows up eventually hits a breaking point, and Milo starts punching the people the security guards. The two end up physically fighting, but the alarm goes off that there is a brawl going on. The police eventually come and aim at an armed Milo, who is smugly grinning, with a huge smile. Milo says goodbye to Seth and starts shooting him, with Seth just managing to escape. The security guards come and shoot Milo as he's shooting at Seth, leading to Milo being killed by the guards.


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