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Well, I've got news for you, Mom. I'm Mr. Scars!
~ Milo to Mary.

Milo Asher was Noah Maxwell's cousin and best friend. He is currently a member of The Collective by the name of Mr. Scars.


Sometime after his "death", Milo was inducted into The Collective under the name Mr. Scars. Mary Asher told Noah that Mr. Scars would be the one to "end her session." Mary was later found dead in her car.

In Milo's Tape, it is confirmed that Milo and Mr. Scars are one and the same. When Mary shows up to the empty house Milo is in, he denounces her for sacrificing him. He then reveals his identity to her, and kills her by shooting her in the stomach.


  • Asher was one of the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • Milo's father Robert is mentioned by Firebrand several times as being significant. Noah stated on his account that Robert died when Milo was young.
  • He was given the alias "the burdened" and "theonewhokillsmary" by The Observer.
  • According to two tweets, Noah had a dream where he saw a man sitting in a chair in an empty room, his face covered by his hands. There were scars on the man's arms and Noah believed that it was Mr. Scars.
  • According to the Valentine's Day 2012 stream, he represents the White Rook.


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