Let's just say, I hope you boys are very good swimmers
~ Milo revealing what he plans to do with Drake and Josh

Milo McCreary is the main antagonist in the 2006 tv film Drake & Josh: Go Hollywood.

He was portrayed by John J. York


According to the FBI, Milo is one of the 10 most wanted criminals in their list. He is also the leader of a gang of criminals who stole an armored truck carrying a "money machine" and used a G.O to start it. When Drake & Josh accidentally sent Megan to Los Angeles instead of Denver, they board a plane to L.A. to go get her but Josh's G.O. accidentally gets switched with one of McCreary's henchmen's. When his henchmen notice this, they find Drake and Josh at a hotel, kidnap them and take them to their hideout. Once they arrive, McCreary orders them to lock Drake and Josh in a room in the back of the warehouse while they began their operation (he eventually has them tied up in from of them after they are caught trying to escape). He informs the two that they plan to drown them since he cannot trust them not informing anyone of their plans.

However, before they can finish their work, Megan (who found one of the henchmen's wallet in her hotel room which had the address of their lair) finds their hideout and calls the police. She secretly enters the warehouse and turns on big fans which cause all of the money to fly all over the place. With her help, Drake & Josh stopped them and McCreary and eventually he and his gang got arrested.


He's obviously the most ruthless & sadistic villain Drake & Josh ever faced as he was planning to drown them when he commented, "I hope you boys are great swimmers."

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