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I'm the only power round these parts, boy. You gonna find that out soon enough. You gonna find out what survival is all about. Just like a rerun of the Nam. It's Judgement Day for you and all your kind. This is the End, beautiful friend. For we are many...
~ Milton Pike aka the Video Nasty Killer.

Milton T. Pike also known as Video Nasty Killer was a serial killer who served as one of the supporting antagonists in the adventure-horror video game, Shadow Man. He is a member of The Five. He was voiced by Corey Johnson.


Milton is a bald-headed Caucasian male with brown eyes and large mustache. He has multiple scars on his upper lip and chin and a flaming skull tattoo with inscription "Born to Raise Hell" on the left side of his chest. He is quite tall and heavily built, standing at 6'1 and weighing 240 pounds. At the time of his capture and imprisonment, he wears a green military type sleeveless shirt with additional pockets for ammunition, green pants and black boots.

His true demon form is revealed after enough damage is dealt to him, similar to the other members of The Five.


Milton could accurately be described as a "war incarnate". He seems to rather a person who cannot imagine his life without violence and death. He kept joining survivalist groups and making his own, while continuing to murder people without any reason whatsoever. Added with psychopathic tendencies, Milton's mind could have been further negatively affected by his time in the Vietnam War.

However, he is an organized person and seems to blend in with the civil society with little effort. Mostly subscribing to every electronics magazine and constantly gathering information while getting unassuming jobs to appear less suspicious. Not only this, but in the 80s and 90s during his crime spree, he owned the popular Camp Ocala in Florida under the pseudonym Bobby McNab.

Milton has long had a fascination with alligators, similar to how Avery Marx was obsessed with canaries. On his property, there are alligators all over the place, and the mascot for his summer camp was "Bobby the Gator" who Milton created and based in his likeness (also named after his public pseudonym).

It is possible that Milton was also child predator and pedophile, although this was never documented in criminal files or reported on. Bobby the Gator on a sign in his summer camp read "Hey kids, we're going to have a really wild time!". While this seems to refer to the wilderness of the camp, it's likely implied to be a metaphor for child molestation. Milton could have lured kids with his camp and mascot in a similar fashion to the show "Mr. Bear's Cellar" in the 1999 creepypasta. Quite possibly, this information was censored and watered-down in the original game and Nettie's files to avoid controversy as a Nintendo 64 game.

Upon meeting Shadowman, he is unpleased that he has stepped onto "his property", expressing his belief that he represents the sole authority here and has the right to do what he wants and call people whatever he wants, telling Shadowman that the Judgement Day for the human race is coming.

His battle strategy revolves around simply pursuing Shadowman and gunning him down with his assault rifle, sometimes using grenades to lure him out of cover.

His theme in his summer camp composes of a chilling tune of the fact that it is completely abandoned in wilderness and has multiple mutilated bodies. During the fight with him, it turns into simple and eloquent with the sounds of gunshots, helicopters, explosions, conversations through radio sets mixed with blood-chilling screams of his female victims.


The Video Nasty Killer

Milton was born on July 4, 1952, and was a Vietnam Veteran who was dishonorably discharged for raping a female officer while on duty in 1973. Then was indicted in shooting of his own mother in 1979. He was acquitted because of lack of evidence.

After forming his own splinter militia group in 1981, Milton was exiled from it in 1982 for murdering 18 of his own militiamen with a rocket-propelled grenade. Around this time, Milton began forming multiple pseudonyms to blend in with normal society, pursuing hobbies like TV repairing, electronics, wilderness exploring, and alligator preservation. He would ultimately become the owner of the Camp Ocala and create the mascot "Bobby the Gator", which contained massive property including a extensive park, camp cottages, ponds, local theatre, and underground caverns.

During his work in Cypress National Preserve, Milton was arrested for murdering a hiker in 1991. He escaped from prison and later killed two deputies, hiding from police for four years. Most likely, he counited working his summer camp as Bobby McNab. From late 1995 to 1996, he brutally killed nine women and sent six snuff films to the police as a way to taunt them. Next to his female victims he left a poetry that read:

And Lo, if War should have a face,
This one of Five would show that bleeding mask:
Ears pricked to savour every scream,
Teeth bared to strip the carcass wet,
And tongue to lap the vessel dry.

Milton was arrested by the FBI in October 1996 after a gun battle and sent to the Gardelle County Jail in Texas.

While in prison, he escaped again, most likely using his ability to teleport through walls in green smoke - a power that Legion gave him with the Dark Soul.

Between October 1996 to November 1999, Milton returned to killing in his typical fashion, using his now defunct and abandoned summer camp as his hideout. While not to the same level o Avery Marx, Milton also collected body parts of his victims, writing messages on the wall in blood and keeping snuff tapes.

During the events of the game in November 1999, after tracing evidence to his former summer camp, the police are in the middle of investigating the property when Shadow Man arrives to the scene.


Milton was recruited by a malicious and demonic entity named Legion and the legendary serial killer Jack the Ripper to be the member of a group composed of half-demon undead serial killers know as The Five. Milton is the first serial killer that Shadow Man has to face to stop Legion.

Shadowman arrived to his Camp Ocala in Florida to kill Milton and stop him from massacring more innocent people. In the abandoned camp, Shadowman found a complete void and police tapes. However, the further he went into the grounds of the camp, Michael would find lots of blood and the bodies of Milton's victims. Additionally, the cinema on the grounds of the camp was showing one of his snuff films, and a body wrapped in a garbage bag was hanging in front of the screen. Shadowman explores the entire camp, while paying attention to Milton, who occasionally appears and attacks the hero. He had to watch for his aggressive alligators waiting for their victims in the water as well. Upon reaching the underground caves within the camp grounds, Shadowman finally met up with Milton. He was furious with him, saying he had no right to enter his area and that he was the only law in this area. Additionally, he told him that the end was coming for the entire human race and there was nothing he could do about it. Despite being a half-demon, Milton fell at the hands of Shadowman, who ended his killing spree on people.


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