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I'm the only power round these parts, boy. You gonna find that out soon enough. You gonna find out what survival is all about. Just like a rerun of the Nam. It's Judgement Day for you and all your kind. This is the End, beautiful friend. For we are many...
~ Milton Pike aka the Video Nasty Killer.

Milton T. Pike also known as Video Nasty Killer was a serial killer who served as one of the supporting antagonists in the adventure-horror video game, Shadow Man. He is a member of The Five.


Milton is a bald white male with brown eyes and large mustache. He has multiple scars on his upper lip and chin and a flaming skull tattoo with inscription "Born to Raise Hell" on the left side of his chest. He is quite tall and heavily built, standing at 6'1 and weighing 240 pounds. At the time of his capture and imprisonment he wears a green military type sleeveless shirt with additional pockets for ammunition, green pants and black boots.


And Lo, if War should have a face,

This one of Five would show that bleeding mask:

Ears pricked to savour every scream,

Teeth bared to strip the carcass wet,

And tongue to lap the vessel dry.

For We Are Many.

~ The poem found near each victim of Video Nasty Killer.
Just like his poem says, Milton could very well be described as a "war incarnate". He seems to be the one who cannot imagine his life without violence and death, joining survivalist groups and making his own, while keeping murdering people without any reason whatsoever. However, he is organized and seems to blend in with the civil society with little effort, subscribing to every electronics and constantly gathering information while acquiring unassuming jobs to appear less suspicious. His battle strategy revolves around simply pursuing Shadowman and gunning him down with his assault rifle, sometimes using grenades to smoke him out of cover.

His theme is simple and eloquent, the sounds of gunshots, helicopters, explosions, conversations through radio sets mixed with blood-chilling screams of his later female victims. 


The Video Nasty Killer

Milton was a Vietnam soldier who raped a female officer while on duty, then was indicted in shooting of his own mother. After forming his own splinter militia group was exiled from it for murdering 18 of his own militiamen. During his work in Cypress National Preserve, he was arrested for killing a hiker. He later killed 2 deputies and escaped from the police for 4 years. He brutally killed 9 women and sent 6 snuff films to the police as a way to taunt them. Milton was arrested by the FBI after a gun battle and sent to the Gardelle County Jail in Texas.


Milton is the first serial killer that Shadow Man has to face in order to stop Legion. Milton was killed by Shadow Man during a gun battle with him.


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