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Spirit channeling, the occult... I hate it! I hate it all!
~ Mimi Miney

Mimi Miney is the secondary antagonist in the Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice for All case "Reunion, and Turnabout". She was a nurse working under Dr. Turner Grey until a terrible malpractice accident occurred where fourteen patients died in the clinic. She was also the older sister to Ini Miney.


Two accidents in a row

After the incident, Mimi was also involved in a car crash that resulted in the death of her sister and major burns on her face, sending her to the hospital for seven months. She was assigned to a facial reconstruction, with a photo of her sister used as a model. From that day onwards, Mimi would act exactly like her sister in every way, out of regret and sorrow, but still keeping her mindset for revenge against Dr. Grey, the clinic's owner.

Revenge and trial

Working under Morgan Fey, she recommended Maya Fey as a channeler for Dr. Grey when he asked to talk to the "late" Mimi Miney, starting the trap set by Morgan. During the channeling, Mimi was hiding inside a box waiting for the right moment. When the time came, she drugged Maya and stabbed Grey, then hid her in the box and dressed in her accolyte clothes. However, Turner was still alive and tried to shoot her, but he missed and Mimi finished him off with his own pistol. Phoenix Wright and Lotta Hart, who were at the scene at the time, charged into the room and found Grey's dead body and the "possessed" Maya, right before Morgan entered the room, as well, and told them to leave.

Later that day, Wright interrogated "Ini Miney" and broke her Psyche-Locks, forcing her to reveal the malpractice incident and the car crash. After much investigation and a battle of wits (and whip) with prodigy Franziska von Karma, Phoenix revealed "Ini's" true identity to the court and brought her and Morgan to justice.


Mimi was a serious nurse and a car lover, but also very clever. When acting as her sister, Miney was an airhead with little understanding of the situations that happened around her. However, her true identity was shown when she began to break down on the witness stand, depicted as a rage-filled person with a big hatred of occultism.


  • Both her and her sister's names are a play on the children's rhyme eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
  • Her Japanese name means "nose or ears".
  • It's left ambiguous how much of the medical malpractice incident was her own fault or the fault of Turner Grey for overworking her to the point of exhaustion. It's also ambiguous is Dr Grey drugged her and caused her accident and sister's death.
  • Her eyes look the same as her sisters, which is why she keeps her eyes closed for most of her Ini facade. When she opens her eyes, it foreshadows her true identity.

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