Rest in peace, Whisper. It was fun while it lasted.
~ Mimic assuming his victory over Whisper.
They weren't my friends. They weren't even my comrades. They were a means to an end. I was in it to reap the rewards. When their big crusade put my life on the line, it wasn't a difficult choice. Heroes become martyrs. Professionals stay alive.
~ Mimic showing no remorse for his treachery.

Mimic the Octopus is a villain in the Sonic the Hedgehog IDW comics, appearing as the main antagonist of the Tangle and Whisper storyline. He was once a trusted member of the Diamond Cutters before betraying them to Dr. Eggman, and now serves as Eggman's assassin as well as the archenemy to both Whisper the Wolf and Tangle the Lemur.



When in his true form, Mimic appears as a octopus mobian with purple skin, a beak-like mouth, black eyes with white pupils, suction-cups on his hands and feet and tentacles for hair. His beak has wrinkles around the lips and what looks like a nasal bone on top of it. He wears a black, tattered poncho and coverings on his arms and legs.

Whenever in disguise as someone-else, Mimic's pupils are always brown, but sometimes showed his real eyes as well as the wrinkles on his lips. He also always retained his suction cups on his hands and feet.

While he was working with the Diamond Cutters, his poncho was much nicer and and he wore black gloves and boots, but didn't have the nasal bone or the lip wrinkles at the time. He also had a mask that identical to Whisper's until he betrayed the team.


When working with his former team, Mimic put on a facade of a loyal and trust-worthy comrade. In reality, he was a greedy and cowardly individual who only looked out for himself and did not think twice about betraying his team to save his own life, even willing to end one of them himself if it was required.

In the present, Mimic maintained his treacherous nature, using his mastery of disguise to manipulate people into doing whatever he wanted. He's also become obsessed with ending Whisper's life in order to save his own, and still has no remorse for what he did to his former comrades while viewing friendship as a liability. Mimic has also shown a great sense of pride, regretting that both Whisper and Tangle defeated him and left him to rot in prison instead of killing him.

Powers and Abilities

Mimic has the ability to instantly disguise himself as different people, including Sonic the Hedgehog and an Egg Pawn, and was quite good at impersonating them. However, he could not replicate the skills of the people he changed into, such as Sonic's speed. And whatever form he chose, he still maintained some usual traits, such as brown eyes and the suction cups on his hands. He also had impressive combat skills and usually fought with a knife, along with some other weapons Eggman supplied him with such as guns or bombs, and was a master of escape artistry.

He once wielded a hammer-like Wispon designed by Smithy that utilized a blue Wisp to create solid blocks that he and his teammates can use as stepping stones. However, he abandoned it after his Wisp abandoned him.



Mimic was once part of the Diamond Cutters, a mercenary team dedicated to fighting the Eggman Empire, alongside Slinger the Ocelot, Smithy the Lion, Claire-Voyance the Howler Monkey and Whisper the Wolf. However, while the others were fighting to preserve freedom for everyone and cared for each-other, Mimic was only interested in gaining profit and cared only for himself.

At some point, the job became too difficult for Mimic to bear, and so he secretly cut a deal with Eggman to betray his team in exchange for sparing his life. He then led Slinger, Smithy and Claire into one of Eggman's bases where he trapped them in a room filled with Shadow Androids that overwhelmed and eventually killed them while he met with Eggman in a secret room. Eggman was impressed by Mimic's treachery and agreed to pardon him for his "crimes" against him, but his Wisp, disgusted by his heinous actions, abandons him. When Eggman learned that Whisper was not among the casualties, Mimic was ordered to eliminate her immediately or face the consequences. He attempted to fool her by pretending to be Slinger, but only finds her Wispon laying on the ground and concludes that she had run off. Fearing Eggman's wrath, Mimic decides to use her Wispon and his own mask as proof of her demise, believing Whisper to be too cowardly to be a threat without anyone-else to support her. He then walks away from the area, unaware that Whisper and her Wisp were watching him while hiding atop a tree branch.

Tangle and Whisper #1

After the events in Sonic Forces, Eggman (upon regaining his memories) learns that not only was Whisper was alive, but was a significant threat to him during the war. Though enraged that Mimic had lied to him, Eggman gives him a chance to finish what he was ordered to do before or else. To lure Whisper out, Mimic then disguises himself as Sonic and begins causing trouble all over. Suspicious, Whisper finds "Sonic", who then attempts to kill her with his knife. Whisper anticipated this, however, and begins chasing Mimic, who was still disguised as Sonic.

She chases him into Spiral Hill Village, where Whisper's friend Tangle the Lemur resides. Using Sonic's appearance to fool the public, he was able to escape into an alleyway, where Tangle demands to know why "Sonic" isn't running at full speed and why Whisper is chasing him. Sensing an opportunity, Mimic lies to Tangle that Whisper was being mind-controlled by Eggman using a chip in her mask, which the lemur falls for. As she leaves "Sonic" to recover from running, Whisper attempts to snipe him from a rooftop, but Mimic gives her a smug look with his real eyes, which confuses her and leaves her open for Tangle to tackle her, allowing Mimic to escape unnoticed. After Whisper shows Tangle the truth using footage from her mask, they then both travel to the local museum to compare notes while Mimic looks on, taking the guise of a civilian that he used as a living shield earlier.

While still in guise, Mimic observed through a museum window as Tangle and Whisper discussed bringing down Mimic. He then pinned a knife on the museum door with a note that said, "We've chased each other in circles long enough. I'll be waiting for you the settle things once and for all". Below the message was some coordinates to where he was waiting for her.

Tangle and Whisper #2

Tangle and Whisper arrive at an abandoned Eggman Empire bunker, where Mimic was hiding out. Upon spotting the duo through a window, he remarks that while Whisper had become formidable with their old team's Wisps, she was never capable of working alone. He then decides to take advantage of Tangle's gullibility again by morphing into her friend, Jewel the Beetle.

Using Jewel's voice, Mimic attracts Tangle to his location. Then he takes on Whisper's appearance and leads Tangle into a vault where he traps her inside. He then morphs into Tangle and manages to convince Whisper by making her shirt look damaged, and then leads her into another trap with an Egg Hammer, which she promptly destroys. Mimic tries to finish her using bombs and a pistol, but fails. Whisper then threatens Mimic to tell her where Tangle is, but then Mimic attempts to manipulate her by transforming into Slinger, Claire and Smithy while remarking how she failed to protect the team. In response, however, Whisper strikes and reminds him that he was the one who betrayed them, and that she will be the one to avenge their comrades. Mimic then reveals where Tangle is and dares Whisper to try to save her and escape before the bombs he set destroy the whole bunker.

As Whisper goes to save Tangle, Mimic exits the bunker and locks the door behind him. He then walks away in his real form, saying good-bye to his old friend-turned enemy. Unfortunately for him, his plan to kill Whisper fails as Tangle uses the safe she was trapped in to shield them both from the blast.

Tangle and Whisper #3

The next morning, Mimic is forced by Eggman to return to the site of the explosion to search for solid proof of Tangle and Whisper's demise, or else be hunted by Metal Sonic. After some searching, Mimic finds an open safe that endured the explosion, showing that the duo had survived his trap. He also finds deliberate footprints leading him to a message drawn in the sand, stating: "WE END THIS WHERE WE STARTED". Knowing exactly what the message meant, he then asks Eggman to loan him some back-up.

Tangle and Whisper #4

At the former Diamond Cutters' base in the Clove Sea, Whisper and Tangle wait for Mimic to arrive, but find an army of Badniks heading towards them instead. While Whisper deals with the robots, Tangle goes inside and suddenly finds "Sonic", who claims that he arrived thanks to Tails. Tangle then leads "Sonic" to the trap they set up for Mimic, but "Sonic" is confused to find only a rec room with the deceased Diamond Cutters' masks hanging on the wall. Tangle then reveals that she wasn't fooled by Mimic's impersonation and springs the trap, which involved showing him old holograms of his old teammates showing their trust in him in an attempt to mess him up like he did Whisper.

Unfortunately, the trick had no affect on Mimic, who reveals that he never had any affection towards his old team in the first place and was only in it to benefit himself, which is why it wasn't a hard decision to betray them to Eggman. After hearing this, Tangle prepares to attack him, but Mimic morphs into Jewel, causing her to hesitate. After tripping her up, Mimic prepares to finish her with his knife and then take her form to finish Whisper as well, but Tangle hits him in the back with her tail. They fight, but Mimic's superior combat skills enable him to win. He grabs his knife and attempts to kill Tangle, but Whisper arrives to save her by bludgeoning him with his own former Wisp.

Mimic then manipulates his old Wisp by reminding him of how he always hated violence, causing it to relent, but Whisper hits him anyway. Mimic was able to wrestle the Wispon away from her and then attempts to shoot her with it, but Tangle wraps her tail around him and swings him to the floor. Mimic tries to break free while changing into other forms, but Tangle threatens him to surrender or else she'll squeeze him harder. After he finally submits, Whisper then tries to execute him, but Tangle talks her out of it by stating that letting him live with the shame of losing to them would be even worse than death.

They then take Mimic to Tails' workshop, where they entrap Mimic in a specialized chamber that he can't escape from. When Mimic boasts that he will eventually escape, Whisper vows to stop him if he does, and Mimic taunts her about how their teammates would react to her new attitude. But then Tangle insists that he should stay, stating that it would be the safest place from Eggman, whose robots Mimic wasted in his attack on them. Unable to argue with this logic, Mimic expresses his hatred of the lemur. Tails then promises to have the chamber transported to the nearest prison.

Bad Guys

Mimic is set to appear in the Bad Guys mini-series as part of a team put together by Dr. Starline alongside Rough, Tumble and Zavok.


  • Mimic is based off of the mimic octopus, which can camaflouge itself with the environment and impersonate other species, which fits Mimic's abilities and profession.
  • Like all the members of the Diamond Cutters, Mimic is based off one of the main operatives of FOXHOUND in the Metal Gear series. In Mimics case, he is based on Decoy Octopus, who he shared his mastery of disguise and animal theme with.


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