Mimic (real name Joi Irinaka) is the general manager of the Shie Hassaikai and a major antagonist in the Shie Hassaikai Arc of My Hero Academia.


During Overhaul's fight against the League of Villains, Mimic was one of the members of Shie Hassaikai to come to assist the Yakuza don. When Tomura Shigaraki decided to stop fighting for the moment, Mimic mockingly complimented him.

Mimic later attends a meeting between the Eight Precepts and Tomura of the League of Villains at the Shie Hassaikai's base. When Tomura reaches into his jacket, Mimic apprehends Tomura as Chronostasis points a gun to Tomura's head, but Chisaki orders the two to back off so he can hear what Tomura has to say.

When the Heroes and the Police Force invade the Shie Hassaikai's base, Mimic takes a drug to enhance his Mimicry, allowing him to take control of the underground tunnels. Although Mirio Togata escapes by phasing through the walls, Mimic causes the heroes to fall through the floor and separates them from most of the Police Force.


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