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Mimmy is a boss that Henry Cooldown fights in his sleep. Mimmy is a character that Henry fights in his dream and is most likely a manifestation of the magical girl anime that he hears Travis watch while unconscious.



While Henry was in a coma, a lot is happening inside his mind. He wakes in a field of flowers. Shortly after, a mysterious figure appears; Mimmy. Mimmy skips around and asks Henry to stay so they can be together forever. Henry says he has to go back and tells Mimmy that she can come as well. However, Mimmy knew that Henry was planning to trick her and Mimmy and Henry proceeded to fight each other

Boss Battle

Mimmy fights Henry with her giant mechanical arms. They ofter grow in size and she some spins around to perform multiple slaps to Henry. Mimmy will also shoot lasers, fly in the air, and slam into the ground that generates shockwaves. After defeating her, she explodes and the words "Mimmy Disintegrated" appear on the screen.


  • The fight with Mimmy is the only time Henry Cooldown is playable in No More Heroes 2 (without hacking), despite the hype surrounding his playability priorto the game's release.
  • The track that plays during the battle is from the No More Heroes Dark Side album, and is called We Are Finally Cowboys [golden brown mix].
  • Mimmy is the only boss battle to say "Disintegrated" after she's been defeated
  • She is the only boss in the series to technically not be a ranked assassin but rather a thought-form.


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