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Aww, great. Now they come in fun-sized!
~ Jay in "The Art of the Silent Fist".
Min-Droid? That little piece of scrap isn't even fit enough to tighten my bolts. I've met toasters more intelligent than him.
~ General Cryptor insulting Min-Droid.

Min-Droid is a small Nindroid, and a supporting antagonist in Season 3: Rebooted of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Min-Droid is a shorter version of a normal Nindroid. A black hood covers most of his face. His left eye is a bright red with a white pupil. His red eye is covered and can shoot lasers. Also unlike normal Nindroids, Min-droid has a purple, black, and red sash from his bottom right to top left. (Normal Nindroids sash is smaller and worn differently.) A small wire comes out of and diagonally crosses his chest.


When the Overlord took power in Borg Industries, he created the Nindroid copies of Zane. Min-Droid was smaller than the other Nindroids, due to there not being enough metal. Because of this, the leader of the Nindroid Army General Cryptor mocked him. When the Ninja attack the power station in an attempt to cut off the power to the Overlord, Min-droid along with several others attack. Eventually, the Ninja are able to win by tricking Min-Droid into leaping into the power station, causing it to overload and explode.

Without power, all the Nindroids, including Min-droid, are rendered inactive. He along with several other deactivated Nindroids are taken to the dump and are soon revived by Techno Wu.

In the final battle in New Ninjago City, Min-Droid started to fight against Cryptor when the latter insulted him. When the Overlord was defeated, Cryptor and Min-Droid were both frozen and then shattered into pieces.



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