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Min-Droid (Full Picture)

Min-Droid is a small Nindroid and a minor antagonist in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Min-Droid is a shorter version of a normal Nindroid. A black hood covers most of his face. His left eye is a bright red with a white pupil. His red eye is covered and can shoot lasers. Also unlike normal Nindroids, Min-droid has a purple, black, and red sash from his bottom right to top left. (Normal Nindroids sash is smaller and worn differently.) A small wire comes out of and diagonally crosses his chest.


When the Overlord took power in Borg Industries, he created the Nindroid copies of Zane. Min-Droid was smaller than the other Nindroids, and therefor the leader of the Nindroid Army General Cryptor mocked him. Min-Droid did not like him. In the final battle in New Ninjago City Min-Droid started to fight against Cryptor when the latter insulted him. When the Overlord was defeated, Cryptor and Min-Droid were both frozen and then shattered into pieces.



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