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I will let the soul be my guide and wander off to the depths of this unseen planet.
~ Mina Loveberry
Hahahahahaha! Oh, I'M the crazy one?! The person saving our kingdom from monster invaders?! HAH! Did ya hear that, Queen?! Our kingdom used to be great! But not anymore! It's time to give Mewni back to the Mewmans! And if that makes me crazy... I'm as CUCKOO CUCKOO CUCKOO as they come!
~ Mina to the High Commission.

Mina Loveberry is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Meteora Butterfly) of the Disney XD animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She serves as a minor antagonist in the second and third seasons, before becoming the main antagonist of the fourth and final season.

She is a former Mewman warrior who initially served under the Butterfly Family for years, particularly under Queen Solaria Butterfly. She was the last great "Solarian" super-warrior left before she and Moon Butterfly created an army of Solarian super-warriors, which she leads. Mina is against monsters in general and she plans to assassinate Queen Eclipsa Butterfly, her husband Globgor, and wipe out the Monster population in Mewni with her army.

She was voiced by Amy Sedaris, who also played Jill in Puss in Boots.



Prior to her debut, Mina was originally a peasant girl who being impressed by Queen Solaria Butterfly abilities that she decided to undergo a three-stage magical metamorphosis that turned her into one of the queen's "Solarian" super-warriors. Throughout the years, she served under Solaria's rule battling against monsters until the latter's death during an ambush.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

In the past, Mina was once known as a great mewman warrior and Star's idol. However, when Star first meets her in the episode "Starstruck", Mina is revealed to be mentally insane as she is shown to be diving into dumpsters and putting paper bags on her head. She even tried to take over the Earth with Star but Star refused to do so. When the humans told Mina that they pick their leader by voting she lost her mind and became a super-powered giant. After a fight with Star, Mina decides to leave Earth and return to Mewni.

She then appeared in a flashback from "The Battle of Mewni" segment "Moon the Undaunted". A young and saner Mina is seen interrogating a monster's king Archduke Batwin about the death of Moon's mother, Queen Comet Butterfly. She decides about going to war with the monsters, however, the princess decides to face the monsters' leader, Toffee, alone. When Moon cuts off Toffee's finger with the darkest spell given to her by Eclipsa Butterfly, Mina and the rest of Moon's court bow before her fully accepting her decissions as their queen.

Her next appearance is in "Monster Bash" where she captures some monsters from Star's party in the ancient monster temple. Mina believes that the monsters are evil, but when Star tries to reason with her, Mina refused to listen. Following Miss Heinous' arrival, Mina reveals that Heinous is actually Meteora Butterfly, the daughter of Eclipsa Butterfly and her monster husband, Globgor. Mina then tries to kill Heinous but is stopped by Star, Marco, and Tom. When Heinous gets away, Mina goes on an angry rampage looking for her, then escaped when the Mewman guards show up.

She is seen again in "Divide" when Marco suggests sending Mina to fight Meteora. One of the guards says that they already sent her to fight but she lost. The guard then shows Mina's soulless body as proof while it floats in the air.

Mina returns in "Ghost of the Butterfly Castle", revealing herself as the eponymous entity guarding the now abandoned Butterfly Castle to Moon Butterfly in order to scare everyone away. She even stitched up all the tapestries of former queens after Meteora's rampage in the castle. She also disclosed that she's indirectly responsible for her attempt to turn Eclipsa into stone with berries in the episode "Yada Yada Berries". She also obtains a crow companion named Sebastian.

In "Junkin' Janna", Sebastian has gained Solarian powers like Mina and is gathering giant pieces of armor for her. Sebastian then appears at the end of "Cornonation" flying over the monster temple as the Mewmans accept Globgor and Eclipsa as their rulers.

In "Ready, Aim, Fire", it is revealed that the Magic High Commission conspired with Mina to help get rid of Queen Eclipsa Butterfly and the monsters. She gets inside her new Solarian built armor.

In "The Right Way", she leads an army of a hundred Solarian Warriors. In "Here to Help" and "Pizza Party", she is revealed to be working for Moon so she can remove Eclipsa from the throne, but she betrays Moon in order to destroy all monsters when Moon categorically forbids her killing Eclipsa, Globgor, Meteora and all monsters and tries to remove Solarian Warriors' powers. Angered Mina proceeds to kill Moon, Star, Marco, Meteora and Eclipsa but they are saved in time by Hekapoo who created an escape portal for them.

In "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", Mina gathers up all the monsters to kill them by pushing them off a cliff. But she finds out it will not be complete without the King of Monsters, Globgor. So she and her Solarian Warriors go searching for Globgor.

In the series finale "Cleaved", Mina finds Globgor with River and Eddie, then she orders her Solarian warriors to pull up the magic sanctuary and destroy it to get Star, Moon, and Eclipsa. When she enters the sanctuary she hears them chanting the whispering spell from the well of magic and goes inside to the realm of magic to stop them. When she arrives she is shocked to see the ghost of Solaria helping Star, Moon, Eclipsa and the ghosts of the former queens. Mina gets dragged in the magic by a dark millhorse despite her pleads to Solaria, who shows nothing but disgust towards Mina. After the magic gets destroyed, Mina emerges powerless and still pledges her loyalty to Solaria. Refusing Moon's offer to find help for her to live normally, she then leaves to live in the forest with Manfred claiming her ideas will live on after death.


  • She was the only Mewman other than the Butterfly family to display magical abilities. This is because she used to be the last Solarian super-warrior. But in Season 4, she and Moon Butterfly create an army of Solarian super-warriors.
  • Mina has a design resembling Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon from the anime and manga series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
    • Mina is also the localized/shortened name of Minako Aino/Sailor Venus.
    • The bunny earrings are likely a nod to Sailor Moon's alter ego, Usagi Tsukino, whose name means rabbit.
    • In "Monster Bash", one of the books at her campsite is called Secret Tuxedo, a reference to Tuxedo Mask (the alter ego of Mamoru Chiba, Sailor Moon's love interest).
  • Mina has become even more villainous as the series progressed, even to the point where she becomes one of the show's main antagonists (along with Ludo, Meteora, and Toffee).
  • She is the main antagonist of Season 4 and the final antagonist of the series. It was revealed that Moon and The Magic High Commission was apart of it, but Mina betrays them, making her the true Big Bad in the final season.
    • However, she shares the role of final antagonist with the dark millhorses, as they are the main reason why magic needed to be destroyed.
  • Technically, Stars doesn't defeat her as her anti-monster ideals will live on and inherited by the humans on Earth in which they will hate and want to get rid of monsters much like the Mewmen on Mewni out of fear, xenophobia and prejudice.


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