Mindy Minus is the main antagonist of 100 Things To Do Before High School franchise. She's CJ, Fenwick, and Crispo's arch-nemesis.


Mindy Minus is an intelligent, wealthy, arrogant teenager who loves to manipulate with other people. She's not often without the use of her Mindettes as her minions, who do everything Mindy orders them to do. Mindy mainly wants Crispo for her boyfriend, and often uses schemes in an attempt to make him hers, but these often fail. That's because even though he's not very bright, he knows that she doesn't love him, and wants him just because he's popular. She also wants to destroy CJ's life and make it miserable because she is jealous because CJ is more popular than her. Mindy also calls and considers herself popular, but actually she's the most hated student in the school.

Villainous Acts

  • She often tries to force Crispo to be her boyfriend against his will.
  • She stole her dad's wallet because she wanted to use his money to go to Anthony Del Rey's concert. She also tried to cut a part of his hair against his will.
  • She destroyed Fenwick's science projects with her bigger and better science projects.
  • During a performance, She turned the lights off because she wanted from CJ, Fenwick and Crispo to lose the competition, but her plans was foiled, because the trio was playing a band in their garage instead and won the competition.
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