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Children... Ah! Killing them is actually a great favor to mankind and for each person on the face of this planet, especially when those damn "cute little f-cking faces" give false hopes to the humanity. I love to kill them, they are more attractive dead. I'm not the "villain" here, I'm just ridding the world of these pests. I'm sure that "monster" also think the same.
~ Minerva Liddell.
You won't forgive me? Like I give a damn! Shut up and die already!
~ Minerva Liddell to Origami Tobiichi.
My goal is only one......That is to become Artemisia.....
~ Minerva Liddell to SSS.

Minerva Liddell, formerly known as Alice Liddell, is the main antagonist of the prequel spin-off Date AST Like (also known as Date A Strike) from the Date A Live franchise. She was first introduced in Volume 3 as a personal assassin of Edgar F. Caroll but later become the biggest threat by betraying her boss once she got what she wanted and torturing the false main antagonists. Minerva is the former Ace Wizard 2 of the Special Sorcery Service and a Wizard of the Military Force-Defense from UK. She is a current member of the first executive of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries and is working as ruthless and feared mercenary of the organization. She is also the archenemy of Artemisia Bell Ashcroft and Mikie Okamine (as well as being the villainous counterpart of the latter).


Minerva sports short blonde hair, tanned skin and a mature body with a scar on her right eye slashed by Artemisia. She is also one of the tallest member of SSS as most of SSS soldiers are trained child soldiers and she is possibly one of the oldest members of the faction. She was almost never seen without a CR unit.


Minerva is a ruthless woman who wanted to be the strongest in SSS, if not the entire world by using fear and oppression as her weapon to show to other Wizards how things are done. She has a superiority complex, thinking that she is way above all the other members and it's the reason that made her challenge Artemisia. Her goal was to surpass her because Artemisia was famous and loved. At first, Minerva was a prideful warrior who wanted to be recognized by DEM and SSS, and even other AST squads around the world as the most powerful Wizard of history, even more than Ellen Mira Mathers.

Minerva raping Artemisia's memories by masturbating and licking her own spirit-tech

Minerva was saw by her own team as a cruel, egotistical, and despotic being who left a wake of pain and suffering in her wake. Her cold-hearted behavior is what ultimately was what kept her squad in line and her reputation and garnered both the attention of Edgar F. Caroll and other countless DEM officers.

Above all of this, however, Minerva was capable of putting on a polite façade, as it was her standard personality trait. She used very polite speech patterns, which she used the personal pronoun boku, and both being gender neutral pronouns that exacerbates her polite demeanor. However, when prone to fits of rage, Minerva would slip into the use of ore, which is a more masculine, arrogant pronoun, even saying obscenely names. 

No matter how loyal her soldiers were loyal to her, Minerva shows little to no care for them, as she is easily capable of killing them should they fail her in some way. Noticing that most of her forces are teenagers and children, Minerva see them as weaklings and is willing to break their mental state if they fail using physical tortures.

She can be very violent, resorting to hurt others when she can't have what she wants and has childish tendencies and gets bored if she don't gets what she desires. She is also a pedophile who admitted she had raped and murdered a child once at the time that she started to lose many duels with Artemisia to unleash her rage in weaklings. Among others, she is also very treacherous, willing to betray anyone so long as she can achieve her goals after she got what she was interested. Lastly, she is persistent and won't admit defeat till her last breath. From a very far point, Minerva is considered the most prideful villain of the story to the point of insanity and inhumanity.

Minerva, despite all her heinous standards, never admits that her actions are cruel, sadistic, and selfish, and often says she is the only one right as the strong rules the weak using force and fear and everyone below should stay quite and accept their fate.

Yet she delights in the suffering of others, both physically and mentally, and relishes pure pain upon her victims, often abusing them physically by breaking their limbs before killing them. She happily provokes and manipulates others for her own amusement, and ruthlessly tortures anyone who irritates her or get in her way, including most of her allies that are child-soldiers from 8–17 years old. However, she is prone to enraged tantrums and panics a lot when things don't go her way.


  • She is fictionalized in Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers; Minerva is possibly biologically related to a member of a magical organization called the Hermetic Order, just like Isaac Westcott and Ellen Mathers.
  • She is similar to Bullet from Blazblue, although it is unknown which character was based on which since both media were released in the same year.
  • As many of DAL Characters are based in some kind of figure from Hebrew, Minerva is probably the very incarnation of the Sin Pride.
  • Minerva is one of the few named villains to be killed in the series.
    • At the same time, she was one of the two characters to die in the spin-off as a result of her actions. At the final moments of her last battle, she specifically says that a Good Ending for them will never happen as long she lives.
  • Minerva Liddell and Ellen Mira Mathers are based on Samuel Mathers.
  • Minerva is the first villain of the series to show true sexual contents in the story.
  • In the current story, it's implied that Minerva never existed or never became a villain due to Shido's actions in changing the timeline, meaning that Minerva probably never met Artemisia as Origami's history was changed as well.
  • Minerva is considered by many fans to be the most darkest female villain of the whole franchise.
  • At some point, she changed her original name "Alice Liddell" to "Minerva Liddell". The reason behind this is unknown.
  • It's implied that SSS ceased to exist thanks to Minerva's actions in-universe but it was never show after the end of the manga.
  • Minerva and Nnoitra Jiruga has the same past and the same situation. Both in the past constantly challenged a person (Artemisia B. Ashcroft in Date A Strike and Neliel in Bleach). Because that person were more stronger than them. However, after Minerva and Nnoitra have lost so many duels, they made a cowardly action and attacked the best friends of that person and used them as hostages to kill and humiliate that person (Minerva humiliate Artemisia and Nnoitra humiliate Neliel).

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