Minerva Paradizo is a major antagonist in the novel Artemis Fowl:The Lost Colony, although she is redeemed at the end. She had good intentions, but ends up kidnapping an innocent demon. She has genius level intellect to rival Artemis Fowl himself.


Early Life

Minerva was born in France to a wealthy Cosmetic Surgeon. At some point she recieved a PHD in both quantum physics and Chemistry. She also won an national spelling bee at the age of 4.

At some point, Leon Abbot materialized in their home and tried to kill them, They detained them and Minerva studied him, She learned a lot about demons, although she believed they were all violent like Abbot. When Abbot escaped, she used her knowledge to find another demon.

Catching a Demon

Minerva hired a bodyguard, Billy Kong, to help her catch a demon.  They travelled, first to Madrid, then to an opera house in italy where she calculated a demon would appear. Eventually, N°1 appeared and Kong shot him with a tranquilizer tipped with silver. They grabbed him and escaped to France.

Artemis Fowl and his allies followed Minerva to France. Holly let herself be captured by Minerva. Minerva questioned N°1 and realized he was not as violent as N°1. Artemis called Minerva and conversed with her, Minerva was impressed with Artemis but though he was trying to steal her research, Artemis hacked into the computers and deleted all of their data, while Holly rescued N°1.

Kong was furious that the demon had escaped and threatened to murder her father and Juan Soto if Minerva didn't get him another demon. However, Artemis called him and offered to trade Minverva for N°1. King took Minvera to Taipei 101 in Taiwan. They made the trade, but N°1 let go of his silver, causing him to teleport away. 

They all fled from Kong and locked themselves in a room. Kong broke in but Butler defeated him and blocked the door. Minerva was angry and tried to kick Kong, but he grabbed her. Butler protected her but had to let go of the door, allowing Kong's henchman to bring the bomb into the room. Artemis took  the bomb to Hybras along with N°1. Butler pretended Minerva was his daughter to escape from the police.


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