Hello, Banjo. Mumbo has big surprise for you.
~ "Mumbo Jumbo"

Mingy Jongo is a minor villain in the video game; Banjo-Tooie. He is the boss in Cloud Cuckooland. He's also known as; the Crafty Shaman Impersonator. He's the evil robotic doppelganger of Mumbo Jumbo.


Mingy Jongo with half of his disguise

Before the boss battle begins, he disguises himself as a sleeping Mumbo Jumbo. He says to Banjo and Kazooie that he has a gift for them, but his gift is a surprise attack. Once he has attacked, his eyes turn red, he begins to speak in fluent English (as opposed to Mumbo's speaking in broken English) and seals the way out. During the boss battle, he shoots electric balls out of his wand, but periodically his wand malfunctions. When Banjo attacks him, Mingy Jongo loses a piece of his disguise.

When he loses about half of his hitpoints, he begins to teleport and shoot electric balls as well. When he loses all his hitpoints, he malfunctions and his head comes off, spewing a green liquid.


Har-har-harrr! Foolish bear, you fell straight into my trap! I'm not that pathetic shaman you think I am! I'm Mingy Jongo and your worthless quest ends here...
~ Mingy Jongo revealing himself.
Bzzarrgh! My elaborate disguise is ruined, revealing my evil cybotic-ness!
~ Mingy Jongo
Bzzarrgh! I calculate my chances of stopping you are now minimal...
~ Mingy Jongo's last words.


  • They way you can tell if you're in Mingy Jongo's skull is that there's a Jinjo in his Skull. While the real Mumbo has a Minjo.
  • You can only fight Mingy Jongo when you play as both Banjo and Kazooie.
  • There is a way to die before the boss fight even began. If Banjo and Kazooie only has one health point left, during the cutscene, Mingy Jongo will attack the duo, resulting in him taking one of the duo's health point.
  • During the cutscene Mingy Jongo has Mumbo's blue eyes, but when he sneak attacks Banjo and Kazooie his eyes turn red.
  • Mingy Jongo is a bit of a parody of the Terminator.
  • Although Mingy Jongo was hired to execute Banjo and Kazooie, it isn't specified nor implied that it was Grunty who hired him.
  • Out of all the bosses in Banjo-Tooie, Mingy Jongo is the only boss that actually dies when he was defeated.
  • There are several hints that indicate that the Mumbo Banjo and Kazooie are talking to isn't Mumbo. "Mumbo" calls Banjo by his actual name. The real Mumbo always call Banjo and Kazooie; Bear and Bird.
  • If the player approaches Mingy Jongo as either Mumbo Jumbo, Banjo or Kazooie separated, or Bumblebee Banjo, Mingy will not wake up and battle them. However, the characters still can be harmed if they touch Mingy.
    • The same can be said if the player lost to Mingy, If the player plays as any of the previously mention characters. However Mingy is awake, standing on his chair laughing manically, until Banjo and Kazooie arrive.
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