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I shall call him... Mini-me!
~ Dr. Evil

Mini-Me (sometimes spelled Mini-Me) is a major character in the Austin Powers franchise, appearing as the secondary antagonist in The Spy Who Shagged me and a supporting protagonist in Goldmember.

He is a clone of Dr. Evil who ended up being short. He became "the son he never had", which earned the jealousy and hatred of Dr. Evil's biological son Scott Evil.

He was portrayed by the late Verne Troyer.


Since Dr. Evil was cryogenically frozen in his escape rocket as part of his plan to evade capture by his nemesis Austin Powers, his cohorts in his evil organization began a program to replicate him.

In the second movie, both Mini-Me's emergence and Dr. Evil introducing his plan to stop,

In the third movie, Dr. Evil's real son Scott Evil actually started becoming evil and than earned his place as Dr. Evil's favorite. Mini-me felt so left out by Dr. Evil and left and joined Austin Powers and became and mini version of him. In the end, Dr. Evil ended up reforming and became good friends with him again, while Scott, who is disappointed in his father, refused to reform and still hold a resentful grudge towards Mini-me.



  • The late Verne Troyer once said that he was open to return in Austin Powers 4 as Mini-Me and that Mini-Me would reveal an ability to speak after his voiceless appearances in The Spy Who Shagged Me and Goldmember. Unfortunately, given Troyer's passing in 2018, this is no longer possible and Mini-Me will most likely not be included in a potential fourth film.
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