Mini Thug (also known as the Gang Leader) is a minor antagonist who appears in Ubisoft's animated serie Rabbids Invasion and the main antagonist of the episode "Rabbids on Film". He is a small Rabbids who played the role of the villain by Mini Rabbid.

He was voiced by Damien Laquet.


When Hibernatus chose an actor for the role of the villain, he chose Mini Rabbid first and make it up in a black flick to put all that is evil, once Mini Rabbid became Mini Thug, he is ready for play the role of the villain.

When two Rabbids are quiet, Mini Rabbid takes them by surprise, but the Rabbid disguised as a hero makes fun of him, he slaps his fingers to call his henchmen, once called, Mini Thug sounds the alarm to attack the Rabbid made up of a beard with black felt, once Mini Thug's henchman eliminated, Mini Thug threw himself at the charge and attacked him with a leek, but his attack did nothing wrong against the Rabbid with the the beard was made of black felt and he began to laugh at him again, but Hibernatus kicked him with a blow of leek in the air and the Rabbids kept the scene cut off.

Once the scene is launched, Mini Thug laughs diabolically and ordered his henchmen to press the button and the Rabbid with the beard made of black felt is exhausted and he gets sick, the henchmen of Mini Thug pretend to die and all the Rabbids snicker except when Hibernatus gets angry and you have to do it all over again

Once the scene is put in order the henchman of Mini Thug presses the button, the female Rabbid is panicked and Mini Thug diabolically sneers again, the Rabbid with the beard made of black felt made skateboard and pretends to shoot the henchman of Mini Thug in a banana shot, once Mini Thug's henchmens dead, the Rabbid with the beard made of black felt goes to Mini Thug and he throws the banana such as a boomerang, Mini Thug dodge but the Rabbid with the black felt beard launches the banana again and hit it, Mini Thug is hit by the banana and falls into the hole, the Rabbid with the black felt beard saved his girlfriend, but Mini Thug is out of the hole with his head bogged down in a metal block, Hibernatus congratulates the success of the scene.

At night, Mini Thug gets reformed in Mini Rabbid and he sits headlining while watching the movie with the other Rabbids, but he really appreciates the cameraman who filmed the bad movie.

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