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The Minions are common type of antagonistic species in Dante's Inferno. They are demonic henchmen of Lucifer that Dante Alighieri fought.


The minions are the Damned souls, servants of Lucifer who tainted them, and are under the command of higher-ranking demons of Hell. The first time that Dante Alighieri met and fought is at the church graveyard after Beatrice's soul is taken by Lucifer. While Dante traverse through Circles of Hell, he encounters a few variations of minions who have different skills unlike the standard minions who are very weak.


Hell Minions

Hell Minions behave and ressemble the same, yet are much aggressive than normal minions.

Anger Minions

Anger Minions slowly steps towards the player before igniting at what point, they explode while the player goes near.

Fire Minions

Fire Minions take the form of a standard Hell Minion, but are made fully of flames and are resistant to the Scythe attacks being being affected by the Cross.

Gluttony Minions

Gluttony Minions have a both-handed dash strike and a green paleness.

Greed Minions

Greed Minions are highly fast and evasive and appeared to sparkle like gold. They jump back and forth until they attempt a skip attack.


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