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Minoru Kamiya, code named Doctor, is a member of the Sensui Seven and a major antagonist in the "Chapter Black" arc of Yu Yu Hakusho.


Minoru Kamiya was originally a successful doctor who joined the Sensui Seven and pledged loyalty to Sensui after coming to believe humans were an evil species and that it was best if they all died and he went down with them.

Uses his identity of the Doctor, Kamiya took control of a hospital. After the hospital is infiltrated by Yusuke and his friends, Kamiya attempts to eliminate in a way that won't draw suspicion to himself. After incapacitating Kido, Kamiya is discovered by Yusuke and learns the truth from Kido. To prevent the truth of his identity from getting out, Kamiya attempts to take out all the nurses and doctors who bore witness before going after Yusuke. After Mitsunari appears in the body of a nurse to trick Kamiya, Yusuke defeats Kamiya and pounds him into the ground. After being partially healed by Genkai, Kamiya is imprisoned.

Kamiya later escaped and met up with Kaname Hagiri in a forest. Kamiya commented on Hagiri's defeat at the hands of Hiei and how Hiei had stabbed him without hitting any of his vital organs, speculating that he did so on purpose. The two accept the Sensui Seven's defeat before parting ways.

Following his conversation with Hagiri, Kamiya went into hiding and assumed a new identity used plastic surgery to alter his face. He later started up a dojo where he used his "psychic healing" powers for the benefit of mankind.


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