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The Minosaurs are a bunch monsters that are based on mythical creature that were created from the negative emotions from either human beings or animate objects even though their mindless beings they have one goal in mind and is that they gain a complete body from the human host and they appeared in the 2019 TV series Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.




Human Originated Minosaurs

This is a list of Minosaurs that were created by the negative emotions from the humans:

Object Originated Minosaurs

Here's another list of Minosaurs that were created from the negative emotion from every day objects:



  • Minosaurs are the first kind of monsters in Super Sentai franchise that are created from humans, particularly from the negative feelings of human beings. Previous Sentai villains has monsters that are mostly out of non-human origins, such as aliens (e.g. Space Beast Warriors, Deathgalien Players), demons (e.g. Boma, Youkai from Kakuranger and Goma), robots (e.g. Baranoia Machine Beasts and Brain Beasts) and mutants created from other materials (e.g. Orgs and Trinoids). This made the Minosaurs more similar to several kinds of monsters from Kamen Rider franchise, including some Shocker Kaijins, Phantoms, Smash and Another Riders.


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