The Minutians are a race of tiny aliens and one-shot antagonists in Nickelodeon animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot. They appeared in the episode "Party Machine" landing on Dr. Wakeman's house in an attempt to invade planet Earth.


According to Dr. Wakeman, when they try to invade Earth, they always land at her house, at a certain time (6 AM). The Minutians arrived on Dr. Wakeman's house with the intention of conquering Earth. Brad commits the mistake of trying to crush the leader under his foot, but he fights back and throws Brad away. The damage on the leader causes him to duplicate into multiple beings of his own kind and chase Jenny and company to destroy them.

However, their plan was foiled when Jenny, using the Contention Unity SX, a device similar to a high-powered vacuum made by her mother, vacuums up the Minutians and cleans the rest of the house, stopping the Minutians' duplication and ending their invasion.


  • They are one of the few villains in the series to lack an actual voice actor, despite speaking their own language.
  • Despite being strong enough to handle a whole human as Brad, they probably have low resistance given how damaged the leader looked when Brad stepped on him.
  • Despite being the main antagonists of the episode, they didn't appear until the last few minutes.


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