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Villain Overview

Un, I bet you've already noticed it, but Spirits are humans that received Sephira Crystals. ──No, I've distributed my power to them, that statement would be more accurate? Originally, the word Spirit only referred to me, the First Spirit.
~ Mio Takamiya introducing herself.
But, we have to be careful. Love also could also be, the emotion that will destroy the world.
~ Reine Murasame to Kotori Itsuka
You're disappointed of humans. You think this world is hopeless. Do you want power? A power big enough to change the world?
~ Reine as Phantom offering power to a depressed Miku Izayoi

Mio Takamiya (in Japanese: 崇宮澪, Takamiya Mio), the First Spirit, is the overarching antagonist of the Date A Live franchise as a whole. She is the primary source of all conflict of the entire light novels, manga, anime and games Date A Live, and by far the biggest threat faced by the protagonists.

Mio is the first Spirit to ever appear on reality, causing the First Spacequake 30 years ago prior the beginning of the series, and then bringing more Spirits to the world. She is also known as the Spirit of Origin, due to her existence being the source for the appearance of other Spirits. As the Mother of All Spirits, she is the one that has been turning humans into Spirits, causing normal humans to become Inverse Spirits in the Spirit Dimension and then turning them into targets of humanity, and mainly of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries.

To keep her eyes over Shinji Takamiya (now reborn as Shido Itsuka), she created a human doppelganger of herself called Reine Murasame (in Japanese: 村雨 令音, Murasame Reine) and put her as the Head Analyst aboard Ratatoskr's Fraxinus and a non-certified medic who can perform simple first aid tasks. It is revealed in late volumes that Reine is Phantom, the mysterious entity who turned Kotori Itsuka and Miku Izayoi in Spirits.

She is voiced by Aya Endou in the Japanese version of season 4, and Barret Nash in the English dub. Both of whom also voice Reine Murasame. As Phantom, she is voiced by Emily Neeves in English (Seasons 3 and 4).

Character Description

Mio Takamiya - First Spirit

Mio is the "First Spirit" born when the Spirit Formula gather all of the world's mana in a single location by the work of Isaac Westcott, Elliot Woodman, and Ellen Mathers, thirty years prior. However, her birth involuntarily caused the first spatial quake to occur, which destroyed a huge part of Eurasia. Mio had the mentality of an infant, and continuously fluctuated between reality and another dimension that was created as a result of her birth. Because of this, smaller spatial quake would happen every time she appeared in the world, which would ravage the world a few months after her birth. Her codename is Deus.

One day, she was approached by a boy named Shinji Takamiya, who gave the naked girl his jacket and decided to bring her home with him. Mio received her name of their first meeting, 30th. Shinji also gave her key insight on the concept of love. While living with Shinji and Mana, Mio quickly started to gain self-awareness of the real world by reading books, following the radio and watching television and cassettes. One time, Shinji took Mio around town and told her about everything that caught her attention. Mio was so overjoyed that she cried. Apparently, however, DEM uncovered Mio's location, forcing her to flee with Shinji. While running, Woodman appeared before them, but he allowed them to pass after asking Mio if she is happy being with Shinji. Despite this, Westcott revealed that he had abducted Mana but was willing to trade her for Mio. Denying him, Westcott shot Shinji in the chest using a gun. This caused Mio to finally realizing how much Shinji meant to her and escaped. Her personality changes into demeanor and very melancholic to an extreme goal driven into willingly sacrifice countless humans achieve her wish.

Mio absorbed Shinji's corpse into her and recreates him by nurturing "Shido" in her womb before giving birth to him—becoming his new mother. Her plan was to entrust him with her power so that he could become her eternal lover. Since the body of a normal human is frail to accept all her power at once, Mio only gave Shido the power to take in the Spirit's power. Then, she divided her power, planting them like seeds into young girls in order for Shido to gradually take their powers one by one. However, humans were not compatible with the Qlipha Crystals she created, causing them to turn into monsters and go berserk. Therefore, Mio decided to reverse their properties, turning them into Sephira Crystals to make them more compatible, starting with Nia Honjou. Around this time, Mio successfully gave birth to Shido, and left him to be adopted by the Itsuka family.

At some point, one of the berserk Spirits attacked a young Kurumi Tokisaki, though Mio managed to save her, still willing trick Kurumi into becoming a Spirit under the premise of being an ally of justice who was saving the world from Spirits. One day, however, Kurumi invited Mio over to her friend Sawa Yamauchi's place. This caused Mio to be caught in the act of removing the Qlipha Crystal from the body of the Efreet Spirit, who was revealed to be none other than Sawa. This revelation caused Kurumi to start transforming into her Inverse Form. However, much to Mio's surprise, Kurumi stopped her transformation by using her Fourth Bullet to reverse time and return to a moment before she started feeling overwhelmed by despair. Mio sincerely apologizes and states that she had no ill will towards Kurumi, but she cannot stop until she had entrusted her power to those chosen among humanity.

Reine Murasame - Phantom

Reine is the analyst onboard the Fraxinus, she is a non-certified medic who can perform simple first aid tasks. On the second day of the semester, she transfers into Shido's school as his assistant homeroom teacher. She is soft spoken, often speaking in a nonchalant manner who seems to have a physically weak stature and always seems to be tired. She even says that she has not slept for 30 years.

It is revealed in Volume 16 that she is the enigmatic entity known as Phantom and Mio's doppelganger. A mysterious entity is who gave humans their Spirit powers. It's heavily implied that Reine is assisting Mio to offer females the Sephira Crystals. This was done by offering them a gem that dissolved into their hands infusing them with the power of a Spirit. Whenever meeting someone Reine always conceals her identity by turning her appearance and voice into 'noise' so while people know she's there and can 'hear' her voice in their minds, nobody can discern or remember what Phantom looked or sounded like (even on camera) so her whole identity, including gender, is hidden. Reine is also the one who told Kurumi about where the "Second Spirit" to show on Earth may be held in along with the information that Shido holds the powers equivalent to three Spirits within him. She stated Origami was the best girl to turn into a Spirit and is surprised that she is rebelling against her.


Mio Takamiya

Reine Murasame


Mio Takamiya

Reine Murasame

Reine speaking with Shido about the mental state of Yamai; explaining her knowledge about psychology.

Reine, unlike her fellows from Ratatoskr (who are most dumb and only became true experts in the most dangerous situations) is a very quiet, composed, inteliigent and mature woman compared to the rest of the female crew. Reine is a person of few words and goes straight to the point rather than discussing about minor details. Surprisingly enough, and despite her usual cold demeanor, she has proven countless times to be a very sensitive, considerate and understanding person. This is more revealed in future volumes;

  • When Kotori mentioned Shido was near to being suicidal in the past in Light Novel Volume 1, Reine reacted strangely to this, almost emotional.
  • She also was noticeably angry when she saw the modifications that DEM Industries had been made on Mana's body. ​
  • She also gave a similar reaction when Shido mentioned she was like a mother after she calmed other Spirits whom Natsumi made younger.

Even so, most of her reactions are related to people close to her or people she met in the past. She doesn't seem to be concerned about people with minor participation like Ai, Mii and Mai. However, that doesn't mean she will abandon the civilians and victims of the Spirits and DEM.

Reine with Yoshino; a Spirit whom she had no difficulties to understand Yoshinon is her other personality

She is not only logical and intelligent but have quick thoughts and decisions, witted enough to adapt to the sudden appearance of the Yamai sisters and seamlessly integrate them into her class field trip without raising suspicions from other students and teachers, much to Shido's surprise. Most of the time, Reine is a person of great use and is good at giving advice and coaching Shido during his dates with the Spirits, even Kotori seems to take her advice well. Aside from that, Reine is a person who has deep knowledge about physics and psychology, and can easily find out what people are feeling just by standing beside them or looking straight at their faces.

Many people, including Shido, Yoshino and Kotori stated that she is like a mother, which she seems to react to in a strange way (considering she is a maternal figure to Shido Itsuka). While Reine is normally calm and collected, there are rare occasions where she shows anger. These instances are rare enough that Kotori had never seen her angry until the events of Volume 3, when Reine showed her Mana's body had been heavily modified to give her an abnormal strength at the cost of lowering her remaining lifespan to 10 years. This is due to the fact that Reine, is a fragment clone of Mio Takamiya, a person who witnessed Isaac Ray Peram Westcott killing Shinji (Shido) and kidnapped Mana only to conduct brutal human experiments in her body to turn her into a Wizard.

Reine as Phantom in front of a young Kotori.

When disguised as Phantom, she retains her calm and analytic personality. As a person of great charisma, Reine can easily convince people to become Spirits (in a few ocassions where she asks if they want power) using their traumatic experiences as fuel for their hunger for power. 

While her true intentions were considered to be a mystery at first, it was later revealed she appears to have a goal orientated mindset focused on the fulfillment of something that she described as her wish. A wish of love and revenge. To that end, she has turned several humans into Spirits using Sephira Crystals while Mio Takamiya was turning humans into monsters using the Qlipha Crystals to purify them and then turn them into Sephirah Crystals. To do this, Phantom has shown to be willing to use several underhanded tactics, some that can be considered unethic and cruel (most of her targets were children).

When she turned Kotori into a spirit, she preyed on her desire to stop being a crybaby. When she turned Miku into a spirit, she used her hatred of humanity (especially of men) and her despair for losing her voice. When she turned Origami into a Spirit, she used her desire to obtain power to defeat the Spirits who killed her parents. As a spy, Reine doesn't appear to like the codename given to her by Ratatoskr, as seen by her displeased reaction when Shido called her by it. As Phantom, appears to evaluate a person based on their potential as a future Spirit. To that end, she has been looking for talented people to turn them into Spirits, and is willing to discard people without potential to become a Spirit.

Powers and Abilities

First Spirit



Mio/Reine's Introductions

Volume 1

  • 1st Appearance - "Well of course. After all, a woman he didn't recognize was holding his eyelids open with her fingers, while shining light on his eyes with what seemed like a small penlight. The woman with a strangely sleepy face said, with an indifferent and spaced-out voice. She seems to have been checking the movements of the eyeballs of the unconscious Shidou, so her face was unusually close. He could smell a faint fragrance, probably the smell of her shampoo. The woman, still in an absent-minded state, raised her body up, drearily sweeping her bangs to the side. As a certain amount of distance was put between them, it became possible to see the full view of the woman. She wore what was like a military uniform, and was around 20 years old. Her messy hair, eyes decorated with thick dark circles, and the stuffed bear covered with scars whose face was for some reason peeking out of the pocket of the military uniform, were her special characteristics."
  • 2nd Appearance - "While speaking, the woman slowly raised her face which had been attached to the floor. Long bangs, and thick circles. She was wearing glasses, but there was no way he could forget those facial features. The woman's Analysis Officer, Murasame Reine, slowly picked herself off the ground."
  • 3rd Appearance - "Saying this, Reine downed the apple tea filled with plenty of sugar in one gulp. Right now, the two of them were in a café on Tenguu Avenue. Kotori was wearing a white ribbon and her middle school uniform, while Reine had on a lightly colored cutsew and denims. Kotori had gone to school as usual but, due to the spacequake yesterday Kotori's school had more or less suffered some damages, so it was closed. Somehow, going straight home after that would feel somewhat weird, so she called Reine out to have an enjoyable snack time."

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7

Volume 8

Volume 9

Volume 10

Volume 11

Volume 12

Volume 13

Volume 14

Volume 15

Volume 16

Volume 17

Volume 18

Volume 19 (final)


Mio Takamiya

Reine Murasame/Phantom

Last Words (dialogue)


  • She cannot pronounce Shido's name, which is why she calls him Shin. This is related to his form persona, Shinji Takamiya. Deep inside, Reine and Mio still love Shinji rather than the actual Shido himself.
  • Reine's voice actor, Aya Endo, also voices Phantom in Date A Live: Rinne Utopia. Confirming her theory as Phantom. 
  • According to the Afterword of Volume 18, Mio's Astral Dress is based off the concept of a maternity dress. 
  • In the English Dub, Reine's name is pronounced as 'Reina'.


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