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Mira is a high-ranking member of the Ptolemaic Army, serving as the commander of the Army's masked soldier corps as well as second-in-command and daughter to the Army's leader Ptolemaios, and a major antagonist in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Mira first appears in "Royal Identity". When the Rebel Army intrudes on the Ptolemaic Army's territory, Mira is tasked by Ptolemaios with repelling the invaders.

It is later revealed that Mira experimented on several humans within the Ptolemaic Army and that her subjects included Simon, Damian and Achetto, who all developed enhanced skills thanks to Mira's experiments.

Eventually, several other officers of the Ptolemaic Army became concerned that Mira and Ptolemaios did not have the Army's best interests at heart, leading to Dragunov leading the Ptolemaic rebellion against Ptolemaios. To find out Mira's true agenda, Dragunov tasked Owen with spying on her.

Owen made his way to Mira's current location and asked her what she was planning, but Mira only replied that he would find out in the future before teleporting away.

Another Story

Birth of the High Priestess

Mira received a message from a messenger sent by Anastasia IV requesting assistance from them against the Arabian forces. Mira agrees to help them in exchange for information regarding the core. However, the messenger then dies from the wounds incurred from his previous scuffle with the Arabians.

Mira and her soldiers to arrive at cult's headquarters to meet with Anastasia IV. Anastasia IV asks Mira where her messenger went, to which Mira tells her that he was dying when he came to them, shocking Anastasia IV. Mira then tells her that they can use the soldiers under her command and and that, once they get the core, the bulk of the army will assist them, before leaving.

Scrap Memory

During a battle between the Ptolemaic Army and the Rebel Army, Mira found herself surrounded by Rebel soldiers and manages to swiftly take them all out with one of her spells. More soldiers then appear to attack her, but Mira kills them all as well. After the battle is over, Mira is approached by Dragunov, who asks her what she plans to do with the corpses. Mira tells her that she plans revive them and playfully offers Dragunov some revived subjects, but Dragunov declines her offer before leaving.

Diapthora Genesis

Though Ptolemaios was dead, Mira prepared a ritual to revive him. Mira and her subordinates traveled to the Ptolemaic base where the ritual site is located, but the guards refuse to let them pass. Damian attempts to negotiate, but Sally swiftly kills both of them, much to his disappointment. More guards then appear, but the four defeat them all and reach the ritual site. They attempt the ritual, but it fails because they lack Anima. Mira decides to take Damian with her to get Anima and orders Achetto and Sally to guard the site. Annoyed that Mira did not pick her, Sally asks Damian to swap places but Damian tells her that he would if she can best him in combat. However, Mira stops both of them and tells them there is no time, but promises Sally she'll take her to better hunting grounds in the future.

On the way to get Anima, Mira and Damian encounter Yoshino and Sho. Aware of the extent of the rebellion the Army is plotting, they attempt to fight the pair but are defeated, allowing Mira and Damian to make their way to the workshop. Mira shows up just as Caroline is testing out a new Augensterm with her friends. She expresses disappointment that the young mechanic joined the rebellion, but Caroline tells her that she prefers working with machines over getting in other people's messes. Mira compliments Caroline's honesty, but attacks her anyway. Caroline is defeated, but she has her Augensterm self-destruct in a last attempt to kill Mira, resulting in the whole base being blown up.

Mira survives, battered by the explosion, and returns to the ritual site. Achetto expresses anger at Damian for letting Mira get beat up, but Mira tells her to just make preparations. Achetto expresses worried that they don't have enough Anima, but Mira assures her otherwise and states that the ritual must proceed, telling Achetto that she acknowledges her loyalty, but that she makes rash decisions. Achetto admits that she never thought about being the one to end her life.

As the ritual begins, Anima flows from Mira to Ptolemaios and Achetto notes that Mira's Anima seems to have special qualities to it. As the last of Mira's Anima is transferred over into Ptolemaios, her body is covered in black flames as Ptolemaios fully revives. Ptolemaios calls for Mira, but finds she's been wounded and that her Anima is gone. He takes Mira's mask off, noting that with Red Goblin gone nothing can stand in their way, and makes preparations to destroy the world.


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