Mira is a high-ranking member of the Ptolemaic Army, serving as the commander of the Army's masked soldier corps as well as second-in-command to the Army's leader Ptolemaios, and a major antagonist in Metal Slug Attack.


Extra Ops

Mira first appears in "Royal Identity". When the Rebel Army intrudes on the Ptolemaic Army's territory, Mira is tasked by Ptolemaios with repelling the invaders.

It is later revealed that Mira experimented on several humans within the Ptolemaic Army and that her subjects included Simon, Damian and Achetto, who all developed enhanced skills thanks to Mira's experiments.

Eventually, several other officers of the Ptolemaic Army became concerned that Mira and Ptolemaios did not have the Army's best interests at heart, leading to Dragunov leading the Ptolemaic rebellion against Ptolemaios. To find out Mira's true agenda, Dragunov tasked Owen with spying on her.

Owen made his way to Mira's current location and asked her what she was planning, but Mira only replied that he would find out in the future before teleporting away.


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