Miranda Em Ernie Jabait is a sexy schoolgirl and the main antagonist from the movie School's Out - Motion's In! She is first seen when the protagonist Emmy Hill has arrived at the town of Birds Nest and is immigrating with the classmates. When Emmy stands up to talk, everyone mocks her cos she's, like, real Southern, and Miranda leads in the mockery, to the admiration of her "boyfriend" Steve. But Miranda does not love Steve; she loves their teacher, Benny WIll. Benny is blissfully unaware of this. Later on, when Emmy says she comes from Southwest, Miranda says "From another race?" and everyone chuffs. A thug whom Emmy befreinded earliier is under their chairs scratching their legs and Miranda is wearing short shorts, so he has no trouble. Needless to say, she stands up and screams the whole school down - everyone mocks her, apart from Steve.

At Steve's place later, Miranda is having a nice sexy hot bath with him, and they talk about their love and sexuality but Miranda is furious when she finds out that Steve has already fallen in love with Emmy. So - Miranda fools a plan to have Steve ask Emmy out. He is blissfully unaware of the thug in the back scratching his ass with his cards.

Miranda and Steve are not seen throughout the rest of the film; presumably they are dating. But later at the Christmas party Miranda and Steve climb in through the window of Emmy's dad's study when the kids arrive for the party. Miranda and Steve then have hot naked Christmas sex all round the room - a triute to their passion. Miranda then licks Emmy's dad's computer screen and Steve's naked shoulders. She then looks naked into the mirror and has her stand naked in front of the mirror with Steve, who is also naked. Steve is worried that the thugs who live in the room will see them because the room is meant to be haunted, but Miranda disses it. Her plan is to run in screaming into the party naked under a ghost costume and make the kids think they're being haunted and then to take off the costume and have Benny see her naked and fall in love with her and humiliate Steve. But then the thugs do pop out and she screams and runs off with Steve - straight into the December night where she is naked.

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