Miranda killgallen

Miranda Killgallen is one of the main antagonists of the series As Told By Ginger, along with her friend Mipsy. She boasts the rare distinction of being one of the very few black villains in any work or series of fiction.

She was voiced by Cree Summer.


Miranda Killgallen is Courtney Gripling's best friend, and her sheer meanness will make sure that no one else takes that position. Jealous of any attention that Courtney is paying to anyone else, Miranda is definitely not a big fan of Ginger Foutley. In fact, she tries her best to humiliate Ginger any chance she gets, laughing with her evil cackle at every one of Ginger's failures. Still, part of Miranda's icy cruelty can be traced back to her strict upbringing, and she has been known to do something nice on occasion, although she would go to great lengths to hide that fact.

Courtney's right-hand woman, Miranda Killgallen, is often Ginger's main opponent on the show. Apart from being totally different personalities, Miranda's dislike for Ginger mainly stems from her fear that 'Foutley' may replace her as Courtney's best friend. On top of that, both Miranda and Ginger have a romantic interest in Ian Richton. Miranda has thwarted Ginger by all means possible, including manipulation (Dare I, Darren), blackmail (Cry Wolf), false accusations (I Spy A Witch, Ginger The Juvey), backstabbing (Wicked Game) and bribery (Far From Home). At times, however, even 'tough girl' Miranda is shown to have her weak sides. On more than one occasion it's illustrated that she has a difficult relationship with her strict parents and that she has very few actual friends. In Trouble In Gal-Pal Land, she's left friendless after she and Courtney have a temporary falling out, Macie states that it is because nobody likes her. Apart from her viciousness, Miranda's trademark are her sniping, sarcastic, and vituperative comments.

At the end of the series, Miranda and Courtney are not seen during Ginger's bookreading, but a woman who appears identical to her is seen walking past the library as Ginger begins reading.

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