Miranda Wilson Spider-Man

Miranda Wilson is a one shot villainess in Spider-Man: The Animated Series who appears in the episode The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson. She is actress who disfigured in accident while filming a movie. She was turned into a cyborg by Mysterio. She is was voiced by the late Beverly Garland.


Miranda Wilson was once a famous actress until one day while she was filming a movie on the Brooklyn Bridge, which Quentin Beck, whom was in love with, was part of on the special effects team. However, due to an accident happening when a helicopter was damaged and crashed and landed on the car Miranda was driving for the movie, but Spider-Man arrived saved the crew member who was inside the helicopter while Miranda fell off the bridge into the water and went missing. Following the incident, Miranda thought to be dead and Beck was blamed, his reputation was ruined and was sent to prison, which lead to him becoming Mysterio.

Unbeknownst to anyone, she survived but was horribly disfigured, and when she had made it back on the shore, she saw who her scars on her face in a reflection in the water. Horrified and saddened by her appearance she began hiding in the catacombs of Wonder Studios, the company that produced the movie, but she began dying from the injuries. However she was found by Mysterio, who turned into a cyborg and wired her to a life support system to save her life. After the Wonder Studios decided to finish the movie, with Mary Jane Watson replacing Miranda, due to her resemblance of her, Mysterio had to give Miranda hope claiming he had technology that could put her mind in Mary Jane's body, so she will want to stay alive.