We needed a miracle, and then we got one
~ Lucy Mirando, CEO of the Mirando Corporation

The Mirando Corporation is the main antagonistic faction of the 2017 action-adventure film Okja. They are a Livestock company owned by the Mirando family and led by Lucy Mirando and formerly by Nancy Mirando. They are behind the creation of the superpigs, a new race of animal that can grow up to amazing sizes so they can be turned into meat for the world, but they also torture them to breed them and take samples of their meat.


Mirando Corp. was a controversial company founded by Grandfather Mirando who was also the CEO and famous for being a cruel man, then the company was in charge of his son known for being a very talented business man but also crueler than his father, finally he inherited to one of his twin daughters, Nancy Mirando a heartless and cold woman but her sister Lucy took it from her with the purpose of fixing the corporation image around the world, Lucy is a much more nicer lady, sometimes childish and not very good at business but she came up with the idea of genetically create animals and present them to the world as "Mother Nature's gift" so the company would be seen as a new eco-friendly company, this way the superpigs were created and Lucy announced the Best Superpig Contest where one piglet was given to many farmers around the world so they would take care of them for 10 years and then the best superpig would be the winner, then the superpigs would be processed and butchered as they meat was also delicious.


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