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What's the matter, boy? Too cowardly to take a life?
~ Miraz during his duel against Peter Pevensie.

King Miraz, simply known as Miraz, is one of the antagonists in The Chronicles of Narnia book series, serving as the main antagonist of the 1951 novel Prince Caspian and a posthumous antagonist in its 1952 sequel The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. In the films, he appears as the main antagonist of the 2008 film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and a posthumous antagonist in its 2010 sequel The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

He is the blasphemous and the treacherous leader of the Telmarines, who plans to take over Narnia as its new king and kill his nephew Caspian X just like he did with Caspian IX, his own brother and Caspian's father, unaware that he is actually being manipulated by Lord Glozelle and Lord Sopespian, who plan to usurp his throne and seize control over the Telmar Empire.

He was portrayed by the late Robert Lang in the BBC series while in the film, he was portrayed by Sergio Castellitto.



Not much is described of Miraz but in some illustrations, he appears as a tall, strong, clean-shaven man (sometimes having a moustache in some illustrations) and wears orange and grey armor with the Telmarine bird symbol on his chest and shield.

TV Series

He is a tall, strong man with brown hair and a beard. He wears a black and white royal clothing with a gold crown. During the duel, he wears black armor with a black horned helmet.


He is a tall, strong man with black hair and a beared. He wears many royal clothing throughout the films with a dark blue longcoat being the main thing he wears. During the duel, he wears gold and dark blue armor with a golden helmet with a mask.



Miraz is shown to be extremely blasphemous, authoritative, deceitful, sarcastic and bitter in nature, as he despises the Old Narnians and wants to take over their land to suit his own benefitis.

It is not known what his relationship was with his wife despite her being just as cruel as he was.


In the film, Miraz is portrayed as more calm but still dangerous and calculating. Caspian IX did not see that his brother was a threat which the latter used to his advantage to kill the former out of jealousy and to become king. He was also intelligent when he had Telmarine crossbowmen line up on the battlements on top of the castle to shoot their enemies. Miraz was very criticizing of his advisors, very abusive to his lieutenants and he also showed no care whether his men would be shot and killed during the attack on the castle despite Glozelle's protest. He was also treacherous as shown during the duel, he pretended to call for a break and while Peter's back is turned, Miraz took the ooportunity to try and kill him if it hadn't been for Edmund warning Peter in time.

However, he is shown to actually care for his wife and son.


Both versions were jealous of their brothers and killed them to be king and only allowed their nephews to live when they would have no heirs of their own in order to keep the crown in the family but then decide to kill their nephews when they finally have heirs of their own. They both were also arrogant enough to be tricked into dueling Peter by Glozelle and Sopespian.



Miraz was the brother of King Caspian IX and the uncle of Prince Caspian X. However, Miraz hated his brother and murdered him so that he himself could become king. He made himself Lord Protector of Narnia and secretly had all the lords who were noble to Caspian IX weeded out like: Having Belisar and Uvilas shot on a hunting party and pretended that it was an accident, sending the great house of Passarids to the northern frontier to fight the giants where they all died, had Arlian and Erimon and a dozen others executed for treason on a false charge, had the two brothers of Beaversdam shut up as madmen and persuaded the seven friends and noble lords of Caspian IX to sail away and look for new lands and as he expected, they did not return. With nobody else in the way, he instructed his followers to beg him to be king which he succeeded in doing. During his reign, he had the taxes raised high and the laws to be stern. Despite this, Miraz decided to let Caspian live because he had no heir, and instead lets Caspian be raised by his old nurse who tells him stories of Old Narnia despite Miraz having forbidden it from being spoken of.


Prince Caspian

Twice a week, Miraz and Caspian would take a walk together until one day on one of their walks, Miraz informed his nephew that he must be taught and educated in riding and using a sword, seeing as that he (Caspian) will be king when he (Miraz) passes on. However, Caspian (who was a very little boy at the time) tells him his wish of living in the old days of Narnia and with its inhabitants. Pretending that it's all nonsense, Miraz tries to make Caspian think of battles and adventures but Caspian continues talking about the Kings and Queens of Narnia which makes his uncle demand to know who had been telling these stories in which his nephew reveals that it was his nurse. As punishment, he has Caspian's nurse sent away without letting them say goodbye and has his nephew mentored by Doctor Cornelius. Realizing that if Miraz found out about the tales of Narnia being told, he would have Caspian whipped and his head cut off, Cornelius takes Caspian to the Great Tower where he secretly told Caspian of Old Narnia that the Telmarine's are trying to cover up and reveals himself as a Half-Dwarf. For a few years, Caspian goes through his education except of ships and sea which his uncle disapproved of.

When Miraz's wife Queen Prunaprismia gave birth to a son, Miraz ordered his soldiers to kill Caspian, but Cornelius warned Caspian and told him of Miraz's evil deeds in the past and that he murdered his father. Caspian then escaped and takes refuge with the Old Narnians after losing his horse in a storm. He conspires with the Old Narnians to help overthrow Miraz. However, after Caspian's horse returns to the castle which makes Miraz realize that his nephew escaped and then realizes that the inhabitants of Old Narnia are not dead as he thought. Cornelius escapes to avoid being questioned and warns Caspian and the Old Narnians that Miraz and his his Telmarian army are going to attack them. They flee to Aslan's How but Miraz's scouts discover it and the Telmarine army arrives at the edge of the woods. As such, the Telmarines manage to defeat the Old Narnians twice at Aslan's How. Caspian and his allies then decide to blow Susan's horn to call the Pevensies back to Narnia and for Aslan to help them.

The Pevensies return to Narnia where Aslan guides them to the How and while Peter, Edmund and Trumpkin enter the How, Susan and Lucy stay with Aslan. Nikabrik, having lost patience with waiting, brings a Hag & Werewolf into the council where they try to persuade Caspian and the others to ressurect Jadis the White Witch in order to defeat Miraz but they refuse and with help from Peter, Edmund and Trumpkin, they are killed. Peter realizes that they can't defeat Miraz's army and decides to challenge him to a duel for the fate of Narnia. However, as Miraz plans to finalize his invasion by killing Caspian, the Old Narnians, the Pevensies and Aslan, his treacherous counselors Sospespian and Glozelle plan to betray him and usurp the throne. Miraz is about to refuse but they successfully convinced Miraz into a sword duel against the former High King Peter Pevensie by making it look like he's a coward. Insulted by this and not wanting to look like a coward, he insults the two as cowards and accepts the challenge.

The two armies gather round to watch the fight the next day. Miraz and Peter fight with the former having the height and during the duel, Miraz uses his height and weight to his advantage by spraining Peter's arm while the latter pricked him in the armpit before taking a break for a moment to be tended to. They return to the duel where Peter kept out of range of Miraz's sword until Miraz struck the former's helmet and making fall on one knee. Just before Miraz could finish him off, Peter grabbed his arm and pulled himself back up. The continued to duel until Miraz tripped on a tussock and fell. Glozelle and Sopespian take advantage of this by claiming that Miraz was stabbed by Peter and a fight between the Old Narnians and Telmarines broke out. During all this, Glozelle stabbed Miraz as revenge for his insult earlier. However, the Old Narnians along with Aslan's help defeat the Telmarines, with a few surrendering and making peace with the Old Narnians, thus ending Miraz's reign once and for all.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Miraz is only mentioned when after Edmund and Lucy return to Narnia with their cousin, Eustace, Caspian reveals his plan to find the seven noble lords and friends of his father to them.


Prince Caspian

Similar to his book counterpart, Miraz was the brother of King Caspian IX and the uncle of Prince Caspian X. However, Miraz hated his brother and murdered him so that he himself could become king. However, in the film series, he tried to kill the seven noble lords and friends of Caspian IX and is not the king yet and is still the Lord Protector of Narnia at the beginning of the film. Despite this, Miraz decided to let his nephew live because he had no heir, and instead lets Caspian be taught by Doctor Cornelius who tells him stories of Old Narnia despite Miraz having forbidden it from being spoken of.

When Miraz's wife Lady Prunaprismia gave birth to a son, Miraz ordered his soldiers to kill Caspian, but Cornelius warned Caspian and the latter escaped and was chased by Glozelle and his soldiers. Caspian was knocked off his horse where Trumpkin, Nikabrik and Trufflehunter discover him. Glozelle and his soldiers catch up but Trumpkin fights them off while Nikabrik and Trufflehunter take Caspian in after he blows Susan's horn which brings the Pevensies back to Narnia while Trumpkin is taken prisoner. The next day, (only seen in a deleted scene) Miraz is with his son showing him the kingdom until Prunaprismia joins them. She asks where Caspian is until Miraz sees Glozelle and his soldiers return and gives her their son while "assuring" her that they'll see him soon enough. He then heads to the stables to see what they brought back but Glozelle prevents him by telling him that it's not what he thinks. Glozelle and a soldier then reveal the captured Trumpkin much to Miraz's shock, now realizing that the inhabitants of Old Narnia are not dead as he thought.

Miraz then enters a meeting with the other lords who talk of the disappearance of Caspian even when Sopespia points out that if Caspian were lost, Miraz's son would be the new heir to the throne and asks how such a tragic could've occured in this troubled time. Miraz then claims that Caspian was abducted by Narnians in which the other lordsrefuse to believe until Miraz with Glozelle's help reveals a captured Trumpkin much to their shock. Through his own words, Miraz reminds the other lords what Narnia was like until the Telmarines came, conquered Narnia and supposedy killed its inhabitants and that the Narnians had been breeding themselves, growing stronger, watching and waiting to strike in hiding. He then plots to find Caspian and finish what their ancestors began, starting with building a bridge at Beruna to have his armies cross to destroy the Narnians. Miraz is then seen in Conrelius's room, going through his books on Narnia. After learning about Susan's horn from Cornelius, Miraz realizes that the former had been telling Caspian those stories and has him arrested. He then learns from Sopespian that the construction of the bridge is still continuing much to Miraz's irritation. However, Sopespian suggests to Miraz that he contribute some of his own men due to having so many at his disposal which the latter accepts and orders Glozelle to take as many troops as he needs to Beruna and that they need to get to Caspian before the Pevensies.

Miraz and his followers are then seen by the Pevensies and the rescued Trumpkin arriving at Beruna to oversee the construction of the bridge. Unfortunately, during all this, Caspian has become the new leader of the Old Narnians and have raided large supplies from the Telmarines that were transporting it to the construction of the bridge. Miraz is angery with Glozelle who claims to have lost no men but Miraz points out the injuries and hits him before demanding again on how many many he lost during the raid in which Glozelle reveals that three were killed. Miraz then claims to Sopespian that Caspian is the instigator of the Narnian uprising and decides that Narnia's in need of a new king which he believes to be him. A Telmarine scout discovers that Caspian, the Pevensies and the Narnians are hiding in Aslan's How and reports it back.

Later, the Narnians plan a raid on the castle which goes successfully until after Caspian learns from Cornelius about his father underistimate Miraz which makes him go to confront his uncle instead of going to the gate as he was supposed to. He confronts his uncle with Prunapresmia holding a crossbow at the former until Susan and Peter arrive. Peter reminds Caspian of his part in the plan but Caspian refuses and demands to know the truth from his uncle if he (Miraz) killed his father. Prunaprismia reminds Miraz on him saying that his brother died in his sleep which Miraz confirms as more or less true. He then admits to Caspian that he did kill his father much to Prunaprismia's shock and horror of her husband's evil deed. He then provokes his wife into shooting Caspian to allow him to escape and raise the alarm. Miraz then observes the battle in the courtyard and reveals to have crossbowmen lined up on the battlements on top of the castle to shoot their enemies in case they attacked. Peter tries to get at Miraz but when a satyr reaches Miraz first, Glozelle prevents it from attacking Miraz by shooting it and Miraz out of spite pushes it off the balcony and orders his men to get the gate closed to trap their enemies thus forcing Peter to order a retreat. They succeed in cutting the weight for the gate but Asterius the minotaur manages to keep holding it up and allow some the Narnians to escape. Miraz orders Glozelle to give the order to the crossbowmen on top of the castle to shoot but the latter is reluctant to do it since his men are still down in the courtyard. Not caring for what happens to the men, gives the order himself and starts shooting at some Narnians but mostl at Asterius to make him let go of the gate. It succeeds and half the Old Narnian army is finished off.

Having made his point since the attack, the lords of the castle crown Miraz as the King while bridge has finally been completed and the Telmarine army marches to Aslan's How. During all this, Nikabrik, brings a Hag & Werewolf to bring Jadis back to life to destroy Miraz but they are killed and the Jadis is prevented from being resurrected. The army arrives at Aslan's How and camp and the edge of the woods. However, the leaders of the Old Narnians plan that Lucy go find Aslan while they distract the Telmarine army with Caspian suggesting that Peter duel his uncle since it is the tradition of the Telmarines that a king should fight to the expectations of his people. Edmund along with Glenstorm and Wimbleweather deliver the message. Miraz is thinks about refusing since his entire army can wipe out the Old narnians at nightfall. However, Edmund, Sopespian, Glozelle and another Telmarine lord successfully convinced Miraz into the sword duel against the former High King Peter Pevensie by making it look like he's a coward (thought the latter three were doing this out of betrayal). Insulted by this and not wanting to look like a coward, he accepts the challenge.

The next day, while Miraz and Peter prepare themselves, the former orders Glozelle to shoot Peter if it goes poorly with the latter reluctantly accepting. Miraz gives Peter a chance to surrender but he refuses and they duel. They both appear to be equal and despite Peter cutting his leg, Miraz has the advantage of height and weight and Sprains Peter's arm until the latter trips the former. They then decide to take a break for three minutes. WHile having his leg bandaged, Miraz shows his anger at Glozelle for refusing to shoot Peter. They resume the duel with both of them using dirty tactics to win. Afer getting hit in the bandaged leg, Miraz pretendsto call for a break but when Peter's back is turned, Miraz takes advantage of this but Edmund manages to warn Peter and the latter manages to stab Miraz down. Miraz waits for Peter to finish him off but he refuses and gives Miraz's sword to Caspian to finish him off. Miraz expresses to Caspian on how wrong he was about him and that he would have the makings of a Telmarine king and accepts his fate to die. However, Caspian refuses to kill him as to no stoop to his uncle's level and let's Miraz live. When it appears to be over, Sopespian pretends to help Miraz up and kills Miraz with one of Susan's arrows to make it look like the Narnians shot him to provoke the Telmarine army into fight the Narnians. Unfortunately, the Old Narnians along with Aslan's help defeat the Telmarines, with a few surrendering and making peace with the Old Narnians, thus ending the Telmarine's reign once and for all.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Miraz is only mentioned when after Edmund and Lucy return to Narnia with their cousin, Eustace, Caspian reveals his plan to find the seven noble lords and friends of his father to them.




We Telmarines would have nothing had we not taken it. Your father knew that as well as anyone.
~ Miraz confessing that he murdered Caspian's father.
You have to make a choice, dear. You want our child to be king or do you want him to be like Caspian here... FATHERLESS!?
~ Miraz provoking Prunaprismia into shooting Caspian to allow him to escape and raise the alarm



  • In the book and BBC series, Miraz was already crowned king after killing his brother and ruled for years before the climax. However, in the film, Miraz isn't the king in the beginning and is only crowned king in the second half of the film.
  • Despite being the main antagonist in the book and BBC series, Miraz isn't seen often but in the film, he is seen more often.
  • In the book, Miraz is killed by Glozelle by getting stabbed by the latter's sword while in the film it is Sopespian who kills Miraz with one of Susan's arrows.


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