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You should know I have no regrets about this island. It is my fate to obey the one who wears the crown. Prepare yourself!
~ Misery to Quote on the Balcony

Misery is a powerful witch and a recurring villain in Cave Story. She is the daughter of an even greater witch named Jenka who watches over the island, and a servant to the wearer of the Demon Crown, the Doctor.

Some time after Ballos was banished to the floating island, Misery forced him to create the Demon Crown. As a result, both she and Balrog were cursed by the Crown and had to serve whomever wore it.

Misery is fought and defeated by Quote on the Balcony leading to The Doctor's throneroom. After the Doctor's initial defeat, Misery reapproaches Quote, but is intercepted by the Doctor (as the Undead Core). When Misery tries to put an end to him, she is quickly possessed by the Doctor, and forced to fight alongside the Core.

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