Miss. Nelson is Missing! Miss. Viola Swamp
Miss. Viola Swamp
is a wicked witch teacher that wickedly teached a misbehaving class when Miss. Nelson mysteriously disappeared from the children's book, Miss. Nelson is Missing!


One day, the day after the day the class in room 207 was misbehaving badly, Miss. Viola Swamp shows up in the room in front of all the students and Miss. Nelson has mysteriously disappeared.

Miss. Viola Swamp raps Miss. Nelson's desk with her ruler and meanly, wickedly teaches Miss. Nelson's students in very mean manners. She forcefully puts the misbehaving students to work, and she loaded all the kids down with lot's and lot's of homework. She refuses to do a story hour with the kids and meanly tells them to read every word in each chapter in their history books and gives them an extremely hard test. She even meanly tells them to keep their mouths shut, sit very still and if they misbehave they'll be very sorry. And Miss. Nelson never showed up and the students started to miss her.

The kids deicided to do a search for her. While doing a search for Miss. Nelson, some of the kids went to Miss. Nelson's house, but no one was home. But they did see Miss. Viola Swamp coming up the street. They knew if she saw them she'll give them even more homework. They got away just in time before Miss. Viola Swamp could see them. The kids go as far as calling the police to file a missing person report to the detective.

At the end of the story, the kids were very sadly worried, beginning to fear that Miss. Viola Swamp was going to be their new teacher forever and ever and Miss. Nelson will never ever come back. Just as the kids heard footsteps they gotten very worried. But suddenly, they heard a sweet voice instead of Miss. Viola Swamp's wicked voice. It turns out to be Miss. Nelson, back in the classroom. One of the kids asks Miss. Nelson where was she, but she says that's her little secret. Same went for the kids when she asked them what caused them to stop misbehaving.

Back at her house, Miss. Nelson takes off her coat and puts it in her closet next to an ugly black dress, just like Miss. Viola Swamp's. Miss. Nelson then sings a little song that she'll never tell. Revealing that Miss. Viola Swamp was Miss. Nelson all along, wearing a costume to use to get the kids to stop misbehaving.

Detective McSmogg, the detective who some of the kids went to meet earlier in the story when they were on their Miss. Nelson search, started working on a new case. Now looking for Miss. Viola Swamp.