Miss Boudicca Battle-Axe (or Miss Battle-Axe) is an antagonist in Horrid Henry.

She was voiced by Emma Tate in the animated TV series adaptation, and portrayed by Anjelica Huston in the 2011 live action film adaptation who also played Gothel in Barbie as Rapunzel.


In the books and the TV series, Miss Battle-Axe is a bossy, crotchety, ill-tempered, screechy, non-smiling, hypocritical and unattractive teacher of Ashton Primary School who dislikes Henry's horrid behavior. She writes to Henry's parents regarding Henry's horrid and argumentative behavior and has even stated that Henry's class is the worst class that she has ever taught. In some episodes, Perfect Peter is shown to fear her. It is rumored that she has a crush on Mr. Soggington (also known as Soggy Sid), the gym teacher. In an episode, she’s revealed to be a picky eater.

Her mother (first name yet to be confirmed), who has appeared in a few episodes, is the opposite of Miss Battle-Axe herself, as she’s shown to be a nice, happy, caring, assured, pleasant, assertive and thoughtful old woman who likes Henry. Also, Miss Battle-Axe and her mother's clashing personalities cause them to argue over different opinions regarding Henry. For this reason, Miss Battle-Axe's mother won’t hesitate to side with Henry over her own daughter.


In the movie, unlike in the books and the TV series, Miss Battle-Axe is shown to actually care about Henry and is portrayed as just being strict as opposed to mean. Also, Miss Battle-Axe is also shown to have colored hair and a more rounded nose as opposed to grey hair and a pointed nose.

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