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We're the infamous bandit trio, the Miss Fortune sisters - and your luck's just run out!
~ The Miss Fortunes

The Miss Fortunes are supporting antagonists in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. They are a trio of bandits that assault the player through their journey in the Hisui region to steal their items and Pokémon.


Charm, Clover, and Coin were once members of the Galaxy Expedition Team, Diamond Clan, and Pearl Clan respectively. After being fed up with their teams, the three eventually ran away and ultimately met up with each other. Charm convinced Clover and Charm that the only way to survive was to steal from others. Before long, the three women became the Miss Fortunes, a trio of bandits.

The bandits are first encountered in the Golden Lowlands, when the player is tasked to find the Wall Fragment that was taken from Solaceon Ruins. In the north upon inspecting a recently used camp, the Miss Fortunes ambush the player and Coin challenges them to a battle. After defeating her, the trio will flee and drop the Wall Fragment.

Later in the Cobalt Coastlands, the Miss Fortunes return when the player obtains the Basculegion food from Iscan with Palina and the two Growlithe. Wanting to gain control of the next Noble Pokémon, Charm uses her Gengar to warp away one of the Growlithe. Unbeknownst to them, they grabbed the wrong Growlithe and not the son of the former Noble Pokémon.

With aid from Basculegion to swim them to Firespit Island, the player confronts the Miss Fortunes as they are trying to get the Growlithe to evolve, threatening to use force if they have to. Once the player arrives, all three challenge them to a battle. After their defeat, they refused to surrender the Growlithe to Palina and Iscan. Suddenly, the other Growlithe arrives to rescue his friend and evolves into Arcanine, making the Miss Fortunes realize this was the real heir of the Noble Pokémon. Lightning strikes the Arcanine causing him to go berserk, and the Miss Fortunes flee.

In their third and final scripted encounter, after the player captures Dialga/Palkia and searches for Origin Ore to create the Origin Ball to capture the other Legendary, the Miss Fortunes corner the player before they can obtain the ore, planning to take the ore for themselves. While Adaman battles Clover and Irida battles Coin, the player battles Charm. Outmatched, the trio retreat.

After beating the trio in Firespit Island, the Miss Fortunes can be found in random spots in every area, and will challenge the player to a battle upon spotting them. Additionally, the player can instead sneak up on the bandit to gain an advantage instead. Their Pokémon's levels depend on the player's progress. After defeating the bandit, she will flee via smoke ball and will drop either Nuggets or Stardust, both of which can be sold for a high price.

It’s unknown if they'll be captured for their crimes.







  • Charm resembles Agatha or Bertha (may be a mixture of both), Clover resembles Candice, and Coin resembles Saturn.
    • Agatha happened to also own a Rhydon and Gengar, Candice also owned an Abomasnow, and Saturn also owned a Toxicroak.
  • Each bandit wears a piece of clothing that originates from the group they left:
    • Charm wears Survey Corps sandals.
    • Clover wears Diamond Clan boots.
    • Coin wears a Pearl Clan skirt underneath her bandit attire.
  • Their team name is an obvious play on "misfortune", while their regular names are references to good luck items such as a lucky charm, lucky coin, four-leaf clover.
  • In the Japanese version, their names are Pine, Bamboo, and Plum. This is a reference to the Three Friends of Winter, an art motif of Asian culture featuring the three plants preserved during winter.


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