Miss Gritta is a major antagonist-turned-supporting chracter in Ressha Sentai ToQger. She is one of the generals serving the leader of the Evil Army Shadow Line. She is the only daughter of Madame Noir, who is grooming her to be the wife of the leader of the Shadow Line making her the future empress. Although she was absorbed by Z so he can obtain her light, she is still alive from within as Madame Noir, General Schwarz, and even Z himself are able to sense her. She's in love with Schwarz.


Raised by her mother Madame Noir, Gritta is brought to be married to Emperor Z. However, Gritta fell in love with General Schwarz and offered her assistance by lending him her Shadow Creeps As time passed, Gritta's affection for Schwarz grew to the point that she did want to marry Z, attempting to kill him upon cringing in fear at the sight of him. Over time, Gritta managed to become brave in Z's presence before leaving from her mother that the wedding is a farce and that she is eating Z to obtain his powers and serve a figurehead ruler.

Despite attempting to escape, meeting the ToQgers in the process, Gritta ends up performing the deed and becomes a cold-hearted empress.

After the fight, Gritta returns to the Shadow Line. She drops the handkerchief Schwarz gave her, and Noir ordered it to be disposed of. Gritta was reminded of her love for Schwartz and took the handkerchief back, before heading out to help Schwartz fight the Toqger. Their Kuliners are able to take on both of the ToQger mecha, until the ToQgers combine their mecha into Cho Cho ToQ-DaiOh. Gritta jumps in front of Schwarz's Kuliner to try and protect him from the final attack, but both Kuliners are destroyed. As she is dying, Schwarz goes to check on her as she is fatally wounded. She tells Schwarz she loves him and is about to return his handkerchief, when Z literally breaks out of her, and absorbed Gritta into himself so he could obtain her light.  

She was later freed by the combined efforts of General Schwarz and Madame Noir. However this resulted in Z transforming into Z Shin, who promptly killed them both.

Gritta later teamed up with the ToQgers, not wishing to see anybody else die. While the ToQgers led an assault on the Castle Terminal, Gritta piloted Schwarz's Kuliner and moved Castle Terminal off of Subarugahama.

Miss Gritta was seemingly killed by Z after taking control of the Castle Terminal.

However, it is later revealed that Gritta was alive. After Z's defeat, Gritta saves him and they depart to an unknown destination.




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