Haru (Japanese: ハル) or Miss Hara is the main antagonist of The Secret World of Arrietty.

The Secret World of Arrietty

Miss Hara is the paranoid housekeeper of the house Shawn and his aunt move to. She is suspicious of Arrietty and her race and despises them. Miss Hara is intent on showing proof that they exist and kidnaps Arrietty's mother Homily as evidence, trapping her in a glass jar. She tries to keep Shawn from helping the Borrowers by locking him in his room. Fortunately, Shawn escapes with Arrietty, who helps Homily escape just before Hara brings Squeaky Clean Pest Control to the house to capture the Borrowers. Hara is finally foiled and throws a fit when she realizes her proof has escaped, trying to tell the pest control company that she is not crazy.


In the beginning of the film, Miss Hara at first seems like a loving caring person. She takes in a young boy named Shawn who is battling a heart disease. Even getting somewhat concerned about Shawn when he's out in the rain, telling him to get inside or he'll catch a cold.

However, her true personality is shown as she gets more suspicious about the "little people" living inside of her home. Her paranoia grows and grows as strange things kept happening in her house, especially with Shawn wondering over the place she stays. However, when she eventually actually finds one of the "little people" who is Arrietty's mother, Homily, she kidnaps her. Hara's greed gets the best of her and even locks Shawn in his room so she wouldn't have her plan foiled, although this fails. It's not for certain what she wanted to do with Arrietty's family, but she calls the "Squeaky Clean Pest Control" so they could be contained. 

Hara also reveals to be a bit dimwitted, most likely from her old age. Shawn's Aunt Jessica points out that she accidentally yet quite frequently parks her car in the middle of the driveway, despite many times Jessica had to tell her not to park it there.


  • Miss Hara is voiced by Carol Burnett, who also voiced the Sour Kangaroo in the CGI film adaptation of “Horton Hears A Who”.
  • Her personality is reminiscent of Kent Mansley.


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