I suggest you keep your eyes open and your mouth shut from now on.
~ Miss Killer telling Zoda not to talk smack about Black Shadow.

Miss Killer/Luna Ryder aka Misaki Haruka is a former supporting antagonist in F-Zero: GP Legend.  


In the year 2051, she is Rick Wheeler's girlfriend and admired him for his racing victories. When Rick had his horrible accident when trying to catch Zoda, she didn't know that he was put in cold sleep. 

150 years later, Haruka is Black Shadow's right-hand woman. She was in deep freeze herself when Black Shadow brainwashed her. She usually wins when she races, which is one reason why Black Shadow values her. Zoda doesn't appear to like her. Later on, she recovered her memories of when she tried to get revenge on Zoda for hurting Rick, Black Shadow was forced to turn against her and turn her into stone. Luckily, she is later saved by Captain Falcon. In the last episode, she marries Rick and works in the bar where Captain Falcon's secret identity previously worked.