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Miss Minchin is the main antagonist of the VeggieTales episode, The Peniless Princess.

She was voiced by Marin Miller.


Miss Minchin is the head mistress of the school for princesses. Sara was enrolled there and her father will go on war. When Sara's father died, Miss Minchin used her as a maidservant. Sara did not give up in that position. When Sara met her father's friend, he adopted her and Miss Minchin went away. Her second-in command took her place and treated girls fairly.


Miss Minchin appeared identical to another Veggietales character, Miss Achmetha. It is unknown if they are same characters or just related. Miss Minchin is based on another character from A Little Princess, who is the original Miss Minchin.


Miss Minchin is very cruel to girls. She treats non-princess girls as maidservants, which is so unfair.


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