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Miss Peters is an English teacher and the main villainess in the 1985 episode "Teacher's Aide"of The Twilight Zone.

She was portrayed by Adrienne Barbeau, who also played Catwoman in Batman: The Animated Series, Trish Niedermeyer in The Wayans Bros., Simone Lenoir in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, Helga Von Guggen in Totally Spies and Hera in the God of War video game franchise.

While a melee between students breaks out in front of the school building, Miss Peters tries to assess the situation. While doing so, she looks up at an ancient gargoyle perched on the roof, and suddenly becomes possessed by its evil spirit. Miss Peters suddenly develops a change in personality, getting physical with a few of her students. In one incident, she slams a student against his locker and forces him to use his combination to open it instead of banging it constantly. Miss Peters even physically throws out Wizard, one of her students and a leader of a gang, after a confrontation.

Throughout all of these occurrences, Miss Peters is unaware of the evil developing inside of her; even being taken aback when her demonic reflection in a bathroom mirror actually reaches for her. Wizard decides that he's had enough and decides to violently confront Miss Peters. However, due to her growing supernatural powers, the evil Miss Peters senses Wizard's presence and lures him into a storage room. After a long search, Wizard encounters Miss Peters, who is now partially transformed into a gargoyle and attacks him. The possessed teacher gains full control of Wizard until she sees herself in a mirror and backs away. The sight of her reflection results in lightning striking the perched gargoyle, freeing Miss Peters from its control and bringing her back to normal.