Well, you should be grateful. If he hadn't, you would have missed out on the pleasure of working for me.
~ Miss Van Schuyler's condescending attitude to Miss Bowers (in 1978 film)
Oh, they're beautiful! (- Linnet: Thank you.) And extraordinary, if you know how they're made. A tiny piece of grit finds it's way into an oyster, which then becomes a pearl of great price, hanging 'round the neck, of a pretty girl like you. (- Linnet: I never thought of it that way.) Well, you should. The oyster nearly dies!
~ Miss Van Schuyler showing her obsession on Linnet's pearl necklace, a hint to her true nature (in 1978 film)

Ms. Marie Van Schuyler, also better known as Miss Van Schuyler, is a supporting antagonist in Dame Agatha Christie's novel Death on the Nile and its adaptations.

Miss Van Schuyler is an American socialite and a kleptomaniac who sought theft of Linnet Doyle's pearl necklace after the latter's demise. While not killing anyone, she is considered to be a villain due to her crime of stealing one of the crucial piece of evidence that should have lead towards the solution of the murder.

She was portrayed by the late legendary actress Bette Davis (who also portrayed Baby Jane Hudson) in the 1978 film adaptation, and by Judy Parfitt in the 2004 adaptation included in Agatha Christie's Poirot.


Miss Van Schuyler is seemingly an American socialite on board of the cruise which Hercule Poirot and Linnet Doyle was taken. After the murder of Linnet, Poirot discovered the gun of Jacqueline de Bellefort in a stolen belonging of Ms. Van Schuyler, which was fired by Simon Doyle to kill Linnet.

Initially, Miss Van Schuyler presented as a neutral bystander. However, her true nature was later revealed to be a greedy kleptomaniac, who planned to steal the string of pearl necklace from Linnet Doyle.

Nevertheless, her plan was foiled when it was revealed that the necklace was an imitation made by Tim Allertson, who used it to substitute the real one. The real one was recovered from Poirot, while the fake one was returned by Miss Bowers, leading to Ms. Van Schuyler's arrest.


  • She is the friend of Rufus Van Aldin, who is the father of Ruth Kettering. Ruth is the victim of The Mystery of the Blue Train where her father made his first and only apperance.


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