Hey, I'm a busy man. I ain't got all day.
~ Mister Big's gesture



Mister Big is the leader of a Chinese group of criminals. He hides them in his Asian restaurant which is it their hideout. Their exact crimes aren't clear. However, Mister Big and his fellow criminals are violent. This information is well known to the local authorities. One night, Mister Big's criminals decide to record information about their existence. Coincidentally, Detective Harry Tipper and Police Lieutenant Christine Malone learn about the criminals and search for them. They find the restaurant and decide to investigate it. They are greeted by gunfire but managed to survive the attack. They move deeper into the facility while fighting more criminals. Eventually, both of them encounter Mister Big in the basement. He is holding a case containing information. A fight ensues in between all three of the people. Mister Big is killed in the fight before he loses the information to Tipper and Christine. They escape the hideout with the case of information. It is given to the authorities who arrest the remaining criminals and permanently close the restaurant.

Mister Big's Criminals

  • Chinese Chef
  • Chinese Waiter
  • Suit Hoodlum

All of them are disguised as employees or customers of Mister Big's restaurant.