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~ Mister Marathon warning Homelander about not to leave the plane.
It's gonna hit the city, look at it! We weren't supposed to let this happen! ... They'll f---ing s--tcan us for this!
~ Mister Marathon to Homelander on the crashing plane.

Mister Marathon is the original speedster in The Seven and posthumous antagonist in The Boys comic book from 2006. He was replaced by A-Train prior to the beginning of The Boys.



Mister Marathon was a member of the Seven and not much of his past is known.


During the 9/11 crisis, Jack from Jupiter tried to flee, but Marathon convinced to let him stay. While carrying Mister Marathon due to his inability to fly, The Homelander wanted to abandon the mission but Marathon persuaded him to continue, by pointing out that Vought-American would fire them if they left. Scared of dying, Marathon jumped on Homelander's back, and told the latter that the plane was going to hit the city. This convinced Homelander to at least try to hit the plane from the back to slow it down. However, Homelander's attempt to stop it failed, and in the process, Mister Marathon's head was decapitated from his body.

After the incident, he was was replaced by another speedster called A-Train.

Other Media

TV Series

Like in the comics, Mister Marathon is a founding member of The Seven in The Boys TV series, staying in the team for four years less than A-Train. It is implied that he was kicked off the team for becoming slower. It is also unknown if Mister Marathon is dead or not, as thus far, the 9/11 incident is yet to be mentioned in it. Anyway in Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman it's revealed he is alive and apparently still active is some form, having had a race against A-Train that was canceled. In the second season, Lamplighter recalls his time with Mister Marathon, as they use to sneak college girls in the back way of the Seven Tower.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Speed: Marathon has super speed.



  • Mister Marathon is a parody of The Flash from DC comics.


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