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Mister Sinister is a minor antagonist in the television series Wolverine and the X-Men.

He was voiced by Clancy Brown.



Emma Frost: Who exactly is Sinister?
Beast: He's a mutant scientist who collects genetic samples of other mutants, usually by force.
Emma Frost: How charming. And why did your Mr. Sinister want to do this?
Beast: Supposedly to create the ultimate mutant.
Storm: And years ago he was intent on using Jean Grey in his experiments, but we stopped him.
~ Emma Frost, Beast, and Storm about Sinister.

Not much is known of his past. However, in the past he founded the Marauders, which was a team consisting of mutants such as Blockbuster, a mutant with super strength, Vertigo, a mutant with the ability to generate waves which make people dizzy, Harpoon and Arclight, a mutant with the ability to manipulate energy and kidnapped Jean Grey in order to study and experiment on her in his attempts to create "the Perfect Mutant". He is implied to be one of the X-Men's worst enemies.

eXcessive Force

After Harpoon is seen by Cyclops, he attacks and incapacitates him, bringing him to the X-Mansion. This leads to Emma Frost reading Harpoon's mind and finding out that Harpoon was on his way to see Blockbuster and Arclight before being attacked by Cyclops.

After 2 of Sinister's Marauders: Blockbuster and Vertigo ambush a Morlock in the sewers, Cyclops arrives to battle Blockbuster and Vertigo. He asks where Sinister is and gets attacked by them. After blasting Blockbuster to street level, Vertigo runs away and Cyclops follows her to Arclight's lab. Arriving at Arclight's lab, Arclight was about to tell Vertigo to put the samples that Blockbuster and Harpoon gathered to a certain place. But before he could finish, Vertigo tells him of her previous predicament at the hand of Cyclops before Cyclops blasts into the lab himself. Arclight calls Sinister and tells him that Cyclops is blasting the lab. After Sinister hears Cyclops asking about where Jean Grey is, Sinister tells Arclight to lead him to a certain location in order to collect Cyclops' DNA lying about knowing where Jean Grey is.

After Cyclops arrives at the location. Sinister shows up with Multiple Man and watches in entertainment while taunting Cyclops that he already lost, as multiple Man multiplies evermore. Cyclops states that if he was given Jean, he would walk away. However, Sinister states that after all the damage he caused, he had no chance of bargaining with him. Cyclops continues to state that Jean is all he wants. However, Sinister reveals that Arclight lied and that Sinister never had Grey. Cyclops attacks Sinister, but sinister conjures a forcefield with his hand while Multiple Man continues to fight him. Multiple Man beats Cyclops up easily. Sinister cruelly states that he may finally be reunited with Jean in the afterlife, but at least his DNA would live on in this world. The X-Men crash in and fight the numerous versions of Multiple Man. Cyclops chases after Sinister but is stopped by Multiple Man while Sinister gets away. Iceman freezes all the different versions of Multiple Man.

Guardian Angel

After watching Angel save a mutant from the MRD, Sinister, in a dark alleyway says: "My angel". plotting to capture and corrupt him. When Angel has an argument with his father, he flies to the sky to be found by the MRD who used bolas on him. Despite ridding himself of a bola that caught him, Angel fell so hard on the ground it broke his wings. He was captured by the MRD. After Angel has his wings cut off on his father's wishes, Sinister confronts him on his hospital bed saying how "Poor poor fallen angel" and claiming he can "restore what's been taken from him". When Angel asks who he is, Sinister states "Nathaniel Essex" to which Angel replies "Sinister". Sinister states that since he knows who he is, he knows what he can do and that if he wants his wings back he only needs to ask. Sinister disappears from his hospitable room. Angel comes to the X-Men and relays Sinister's message to them. The X-Men tell Angel that Sinister is not going to give him what he wants.

Despite this, Angel goes to Sinister and takes up his offer in sheer desperation. Angel asks if his wings will be the same to which Sinister replies that they  will be "Glorious" Sinister states that "when he wakes he will be a new man and to be quiet". Sinister injects him with strange substances that transform him into Archangel with metal wings and a completely new look. Sinister makes Archangel attack his father's pharmaceutical. Archangel enters the lab where the cure for the mutant X gene is being developed and ambushes his father. Claiming "his mind has never been so clear and that his father's Sentinel factories will be going down after the cure is destroyed". Archangel states to his father that he's coming with him one way or another. Wolverine attacks Archangel telling him that this isn't the way, Angel tells Wolverine that he didn't lose anything. Wolverine replies that he lost everything, including his past and memories.

Wolverine states that he would never get them back. Archangel replies that he'd go after the people who did it to him. Wolverine replies that he himself became a monster while Angel didn't, and hurting his father won't do anything. Angel says he won't listen and attacks Wolverine, he actually got the hang of him. Wolverine states that he never used his wings to hurt anyone and that everything he is doing is Sinister's manipulation. Wolverine states that he wouldn't let him do anything that he'd regret. To which Angel replies that they're on the same side. Wolverine states that they weren't. Storm comes in and tells Warren that what he's doing is something he'd never do. The diamond on Archangel's head glows as he states that his father has to pay. Storm blasts Archangel with lightning. As Archangel's father is talking with Storm and Wolverine over what the former had done and why it was wrong, Archangel escapes. Wolverine is unable to track Archangel due to Sinister making sure he had no more scent. In the coming morning Wolverine states that they'll get Angel back from Sinister. Meanwhile Archangel's father tells Senator Kelly that he will stop developing the cure and the sentinels and that everything they have been doing is wrong, stating that they've ruined many lives.

Shades of Grey

After an amnesiac Jean Grey uses her psychic powers to make everyone within a set radius fall asleep via psychic wave within a 500 mile radius, Sinister and Arclight discuss who could've sent the psychic blast. Arclight tells Sinister that the psychic blast happened where the MRD were sent to apprehend a telekinetic, Sinister states that their target possibly had both powers. Sinister and Arclight conclude that the MRD target was Jean Grey. Sinister sends Archangel to capture Jean. Jean herself was afraid of Archangel, who shot his metallic shards at her. He was blasted out of the building by Cyclops. Walking out of the building Archangel swoops from the sky blasting his metal shards at Emma Frost, Cyclops, and Jean. Despite Emma efforts, she couldn't pierce Angle's mind due to Sinister's enhancement. During their escape, Cyclops states that Angel was a good friend of theirs to Jean.

Soon after, Angel ambushes them while they're on an overpass causing them to fall off it. After driving through a tunnel Angel goes to the other end and ambushes them. After Cyclops shoots him off, Angel throws his metal shards at the tires causing the car to flip over. The gasoline of the car was pouring out and an electrical wire touched the gas causing the car to catch fire. Sinister, clearly telepathically watching states: "Bring the boy as well", clearly referring to Cyclops. He kidnaps both Cyclops and Jean while leaving Emma Frost to die. Thankfully Emma survives the exploding car and informs the X-Men about the incident. Sinister orders the Marauders to have Cyclops and Jean Grey placed on metal beds to be tested on. When Cyclops wakes up, Sinister extracts their DNA. He claims that their genes combined will create an unstoppable force more powerful than anything the world has ever seen. Cyclops states that they'll stop him, to which Sinister tells Angel to kill them both (especially since he thinks Jean Grey could stop him.), Sinister then leaves.

Just after this the X-Men arrive to save Cyclops and Jean, though the X-Men become victorious due to Jean Grey's phoenix power immerging. Though the other Marauders were unconscious, Angel escaped. Sinister's last moment has him telling Apocalypse with a smile "Master, at long last we have the genetic material", which makes Apocalypse himself smile.

Foresight: Part 3

After the X-Men save the world from the Phoenix and the Sentinels, Charles Xavier reveals that the future is now ruled by Apocalypse in a New York with pyramids everywhere. Within the city lies the main pyramid, hovering above a very large crowd. Numerous people, presumed to be both Mutant and Human, are seen shouting "Apocalypse" excitedly. A grinning Sinister and Cyclops stand outside on a balcony with each other as Apocalypse arrives to embrace the cheers of the crowd. What happens to Sinister is unknown afterwards as the series was canceled. The second season of the show would've centered on the X-Men attempting to prevent the Age of Apocalypse.


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