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I only do my job, you will die in the ring remember it.
~ Mr X to Tiger Mask.

Mister X (ミスターX Misutā X) is one of the main antagonists of the Tiger Mask anime series, he is a man with purple-ish skin with the appearance of a gentleman of the nineteenth century. He Is the right-hand man of Great Tiger, the leader of Tiger's Den.


Mister X worked for Tiger's Den, a place where fighters fights one another to the death for money, he was the one who made sure there was order in the lair and was tasked to bring back all the traitors that dared to betray or escape, he also organized the matches and always manipulated the events on his side.

His name was enough to inspire fear even on the strongest fighters in the lair, thanks to his evil and cruel methods including death if it was necessary.

One day he was informed about a powerful fighter with the name of Tiger Mask, famous for his victories and glory in the lair, he began to keep on eye on him and studied his actions and behavior.

When Tiger Mask broke the most important rule of the organization, Mister X viewed him as traitor that deserved to be punished, he began to send various assassins with the order of killing him in the ring.

After all the assassins where defeated by the wrestler, he declared to kill him himself, however he dies in a car accident in the anime.


Mister X is a tall imposing man which wears a top hat, a monocle, an elegant smoking, a cloak and a cane. In the anime he has the skin of a curious violet color.


Mister X is a ruthless, sadistic and subtle individual. Faithful to Tiger's Den, he delivers intimidation orders towards the traitors of the Organization, or the execution of their lives. However, although faithful to the organization, he also has a great fear of the boss and the three leaders, as he knows that a failure of him could lead to a harsh punishment. He hates Naoto Date but at the same time he seems to try a sort of respect towards him, to the point that, at least in the anime, he does not perform transversals against him by hitting people to him. However, this hatred turns into an obsession and in a personal matter, which will lead him to death in one of his many desperate attempts to kill him.


  • In the manga, Mister X is described as a much more negative individual than the anime. He kidnaps little Kenta (orphaned great friend and admirer of Naoto) and takes him to Tiger's Den headquarters. He also enjoys torturing him by causing an uneasy look even in the leaders of the criminal organization and, after the sortie of Naoto and the other wrestlers at Tiger'S Den, he escapes with the leaders, threatening them with the gun and probably taking revenge on the numerous death threats from received them for his failures, thus not paying for his crimes with death. In fact, since the character of Tiger The Great is not present in the manga (In the manga the four leaders have no difference in rank, besides not being fighters), Mister X can be defined as the true main antagonist of this version of the story.
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