Misty is a villainess from SaGa Frontier 2, and one of the possessors of The Egg.

She first appears still a kid in Westia, when Rich Knights senses the Egg's Anima after running a errand for Narcisse. Rich asks her about it, but she immediately recognizes him as a member of the Knights family, threatening to kill his father Wil. He immediately goes after his father in Wide, asking him for details about the Egg, which he had only heard about.

She appears again much time later in the North Gate, while Rich and his wife Diana are having a discussion. Rich immediately tells her to look for his father while he goes after the Egg. He meets her again in the Fossil Cave, where she uses the power of the Egg to steal people's Anima and use it to revive a dead monster. As Rich defeats the monster she makes her escape, promising to meet him again. Rich finally confronts her in the Insect Megalith, where she tells him she wants his Anima. Rich attacks and kills her without resistance, but as he takes the Egg he realises it is trying to consume him, so he jumps off a chasm and dies as to not allow himself to be possessed.


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