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Misty Altmyer

Misty Altmyer

Misty Altmyer is the main antagonist from the 1999 novel Back Roads by Tawni O'Dell, as well as the 2018 live action film adaptation of the same name.

In the 2018 film adaptation, she was portrayed by Chiara Aurelia.


Misty is one of the four children of Bonnie Altmyer and her unnamed husband; but as her backstory revealed, she was in an abusive environment. Her father was violent towards her and siblings Harley, Amber, and Jody, but in the case of Misty, she was also sexually abused by her father. Though it was never revealed how long the abuse lasted, it was revealed that it went on as recently as 2 years prior to the events, when Misty was only 10 years old. Bonnie had been saving up money - $1,000 - to divorce her husband, only for Misty to take the money to keep her mother from leaving.

As it turned out, Misty actually developed romantic feelings for her father, to the point where she began harboring insane jealousy of Bonnie. Later one night, Misty turned heel and attempted to kill her mother, as she had a shotgun directly pointed at Bonnie. As Misty fired, her father stepped in between them, leading to Misty accidentally killing her father. Despite her sudden shock over Misty's heel turn, Bonnie decided to cover for her evil daughter by removing her shirt and burying it in the yard, as it was evidence of Misty's actions. Bonnie later confessed to killing her husband, and was arrested and convicted.

The film's events had Harley acting as a guardian for his sisters, with both Harley and Amber discovering that Misty had the aforementioned money, with the latter taking it back before Harley put it back in its proper place. After finding Misty's shirt, Harley visited Bonnie in prison and confronted her with the revelation that Misty was the true killer, with Bonnie revealing that she (not her father) was Misty's true intended target. Harley confronted Misty in the film's climax, after the villainess began to reveal her past incestuous infatuation after Amber attempted to seduce Harley. In response to Harley stating that he knew everything, the evil Misty lashed out and accused Bonnie of not caring about the abuse, while stating that she did what Harley should have done. After Harley took the rap for the murder of his lover, Callie Mercer (which was committed by Amber), the film ends with the reveal that Amber, Misty, and Jody moved in with their uncle Mike.